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Is Luke Rudkowski of "We Are Change" really controlled opposition?

Any time somebody says difinitively "I know the real reason why..." this gives me cause for suspicion. It seems that Luke hasn't done enough homework over the Russia-China relationship to be giving this summary.  Has he just shown himself to be a paid controlled opposition agent?  I've wondered about him for some time.  This latest video from "We Are Change" is re-inforcing this idea to me, so it's time to write something about my concerns...

"Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War 3 scenario. Neither will Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India. Because of Putin’s unshakeable resolve and strong leadership within the BRICS Alliance, none of the nations being routinely assailed by the AAA (Anglo-American Axis) will be triggered into full scale war."
Michael Thomas  Dec 2014.

The Real Reason For Russia's Withdrawal From Syria

Published on Mar 15, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over all the details of Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing the withdrawal of Russian forces inside of Syria and the real reason why this is happening right now. It looks like tensions in the middle east are dying down with the face off between the U.S and Russia but on the other side of the world they are heating up. We talk about the geopolitical chess moves that are being made and how things will develop. Thank you for keeping this operation going by investing $1 a month to our patreon

Ok...  Let's take the points one by one...

(1)   How does Luke know this news has "shocked" western governments and military experts? Maybe it's just Luke who is shocked and he's trying to make you feel shocked too  ??
  • Note the evocative language and use of alliteration: "stunning... shocked" from 0:00 to 0:02 seconds! ie: Luke really wants to get your attention right from the get-go. Use of "s" and "s" sounds repeated, does this extremely effectively! He now has your ear. This guy really is a broadcasting star... He's just grabbed your attention in 2 seconds! So we must ask:  "Who is he working for?"  - somebody behind the curtain, or for The People?
  • Who has Luke interviewed in western governments to get their reaction? 
  • Which military experts did he talk to? 
  • I see no shock from these RT reporters over Russia's withdrawal
  • The politicians in this video do not seem surprised at all... only the American analyst at the end who apparently knows very little about national sovereignty!  ie: give your friend a hand if/when he needs it, and when there is enough stability, withdraw and allow your friend to enjoy his own victory from there. This helps feelings of independence and national pride among the people. Contrast this with the "American way" which is all about going into a country and taking over. Putin is a gentleman, not a war lord. Putin has no need or desire to gain battle trophies won off the back of Syria's misery.

(2)   Luke:  "huge geo-political decision... major ramifictions"  0:15
  • more evocative language from Luke. What is Luke implanting in you to think, with the use of such evocative words?  - that political balance in the world is about to be upset?  
  • From my own point of view, this decision of Russia to withdraw out of Syria brings greater balance. Russia's message to Syria is: "We know you can handle this situation from here on in. We trust you. We have faith that you will do a good job. The leaders of the world are waiting for you to state your case. They're not interested in what (we) Russia has to say. It's time for you to make your points clearly yourselves. There are many opportunities for you in the UN meetings this week. We know you can negotiate your own peace deal."

(3)  Luke:  "we will get into it in this video as well as the real reason..."  0:20
  • In other words, "I am going to tell you what to think."
  • This tactic is a branch of "predictive programming". Predictive programming turns up in all sorts of forms... in this case, a commentator tells people what to think and thereby, influences public perception. This is just like the "American way" outlined above. "Predictive programming" doesn't want you to think for yourself. ie: "Don't you worry about doing any thinking. I am doing all the thinking for you... Now just listen to me." 

(4)  Luke references a quote by Obama as published in "Sputnik", a Russian news outlet  0:32
  • Why is Luke quoting from Sputnik?  Is this supposed to give his audience a feeling that Luke's information is coming from a wide and 'balanced' net of information?
  • Why didn't Luke simply quote the original October 2, 2015 article in the Washington Post ??  Could it be that Luke knows not to do this, since it's now fairly well recognized that the American mainstream news is full of propaganda... So it's much better to cite the quote from a Russian news source. 
  • It is noted that Luke didn't highlight the last line of that quote which says:  "However, this appears to not be the case."  

(5)  Luke states categorically that the Russian army is backed by China  02:10
  • I'd love to see some evidence for that Luke
  • This is predictive programming. He is telling you what to think
  • Why is Luke bringing up China? What is the underlying reason Luke so "smoothly" inserts this supposed "China involvement" into the collective consciousness?  :-/ 

(6)  "Why is this happening now?" Luke asks. He then references the Turkey-Saudi Arabia threat to carry out a ground invasion against Syria and Assad.  02:20
  • Maybe Luke, because President Putin knows the 'game' and that Turkey and Saudi Arabia were just sabre-rattling
  • Maybe Luke, because President Putin now knows that enough people in the world have seen the game, since he entered Syria. This became especially apparent when Russia challenged the U.S. with an ultimate gambit and asked the U.S. on 22-2-16  Are you for ISIS or are you against ISIS?
  • Enough people have now seen that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are simply working hand-in-glove for the #UShegemony and NATO. Neither Turkey nor Saudi Arabia would be given the command by the #UShegemony to attack. Any such attack would inevitably raise more suspicion regarding the 'hidden hand' #UShegemony - NATO - Turkey - Saudi Arabian alliance.

(7)  "Putin claims..." says Luke  02:43
  • More predictive programming. Luke wants you to think that Putin is hiding something.

(8)   Luke:  "The war was costing Putin three million dollars a day."   02:55
  • Where do you get those figures from Luke?
  • It's pretty funny how defense analysts in America tell the American audience they know what's happening on the Russian expenditure sheet !!  I wonder if these "experts" took the value of the ruble into account against the value of the US$ and that manufacturing armaments in Russia will be much cheaper than in the USA.  I hope they accounted for the fact that Russia has huge iron-ore resources in the Ural Mountains, and the cost of mining and processing these metals is likely to be a tiny fraction compared to American-sourced iron.  
  • But the American propaganda machine knows best, right? 

(9)   Luke:  "With low oil prices globally..."
  • In Putin's December 2014 speech he already told his people there would be two tough years ahead. Putin had a fair idea what the globalist #UShegemony game-plans would be, and he was prepared for it.
  • "Low oil prices" don't only affect Russia Luke. That particular #UShegemony strategy has comprehensively back-fired. Low oil prices affect the USA as well, and its ability to go to war.

(10)  "The Russian economy could not sustain itself and would have ended in a quagmire" 03:05 
  • Luke should really check out his own country first.  If anything is "tanking", it's the US economy.
  • An economy that's "tanking" is not one of the two biggest purchasers of physical gold in the world http://www.mining.com/china-russia-lead-central-banks-gold-buying-spree/ 
  • Luke now applies the word "quagmire" to Russia's economic status. This word was originally used by Barak Obama in reference to the trouble Russia would find itself in, if it entered into the Syrian-ISIS conflict. Why is Luke now telling us that the Russian economy is destined to fall into a quagmire?
  • Predictive programming ??

(11)  "We have now found out... that Assad was very 'stringent'..."   03:10  

  • So by "we" you mean your 'research team' Luke ?? - or are you just using what's known as the  "Royal We" which actually just means, "I".  Here's the quote Luke refers to:
Putin thus has to do more than just tell Assad to finally try for peace: He has to force him. Russia, by removing some significant chunk of its military force in Syria, makes Assad weaker, and thus makes negotiation more attractive. If you don't believe Putin would coerce his own ally, consider that Assad was reportedly notified about Putin's decision just today. 
  • Please note:  The article quoted is commentary and conjecture. In journo-speak, this is called "editorializing".  In other words, this paragraph is not reporting what anyone said or did. It is simply stating the opinion of one person - the writer of this article, Max Fisher.
  • Who is Max Fisher?  And who is he really working for?  And why is Luke Rudkowski quoting this slice of commentary as if it were "factual"?   Luke: "We have now found out".  :-/    Really ????
  • You say yourself Luke that the peace talks have only just begun, and yet you clearly refer to Assad in the past tense  03:25 - "He was not flexible during these peace talks."

(12)  Putin is "forcing" Assad to do nothing, as you say at 03:30 Luke. 
  • That's just the 'spin' you're trying to put on it Luke.  Why are you doing that?  There must be a reason  :-/
  • I've noticed you stumbling over your script a couple of times today. This is one of the places. No... your nose isn't growing longer at all, brother!

(13)  Luke:  "... with Russia declaring victory"  3:50
  • If Putin had an American mind-set, he might be wanting to take the glory... but he's not of that mind-set.

(14)  Luke:  "... many people speculating"  4:00
  • Very poor journalism. A real journalist reports on the facts, not on people's speculations.
  • There's been no deal. Russia is very straight-forward in its goals and intentions in regard to the #UShegemony
  • Why is this bright young 'jounalist' acting as if he's so under-informed?
  • Who is he working for?

(15)  Luke:  "... a deal made over Ukraine and sanctions"  4:05

(16)  Here we go! Here's the clincher... The demonization of China, apparent implications  04:20
  • The enemy of Russia and China is not the military of the USA. The common enemy of Russia and China are those who hold power in the USA and Europe under the US Federal Reserve Act (1913), the Bretton Woods Agreement (1945), and the 'product' of those acts and agreements which are the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements. These are all a part of the US Dollar system. The global oil reserve supposedly backs the US Dollar.  
  • These wars are all about money, and of maintaining control of the global trading systems. All trades are meant to be done using the USD. It's been the "accepted norm" since 1945, the end of WW2.  That 'norm' is no longer acceptable to the so-called "developing nations". Many of the BRICS nations (there's 133 BRICS-allied nations, as of July 2014), are starting to trade directly with each other in their own currencies. They have started to cut out the American middle-man who creamed off huge profits, including from these poorer "developing countries". These changes only just started happening in 2015 between BRICS trading nations. 
  • The Syrian war and other recent wars in the middle east are all about the oil that backs the global trading currency - the USD. American and European corporations hoped to continue controlling all of the world's economies under that system, created at Bretton Woods. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have seen the game (in the early 2000s) and over the last 15 years, have set up an alternative trading system and will no longer use the US petro-dollar system at all.  

So it's highly unlikely Luke that Russia is trying to negotiate with America over anything... absolutely unlikely!  It's not part of Russia and China's long-range plan, which simply is:  To take the US Dollar down as the vehicle used for international trade.

(17)  Luke:  "Relations between Russia and China have been improving..."  4:30-6:45
  • You state this as though this hasn't been happening for the last 15 years Luke !!
  • This is no new thing. You apparently haven't been keeping your eyes open!
  • This was a difficult segue into the China topic, as China has been playing no active roll in Syria. But you needed to draw in the "China topic" so you could make your next round of points.
  • Here are the points I respond to you with...  Following are a good number of pertinent articles that are archived on this blog. Please click on these links:

BRICS Nations unwavering in TAKE-DOWN of US Hegemony  Sept 2014

Russia and China: The Dawning of a New Monetary System?  Oct 2015


- The future of the world lies with Russia - Nov 2014

(18)  Luke:  Emphasis on potential Russia-China military strategies 04:30-6:15   
  • As already stated above, the common enemy of Russia and China (and other BRICS nations) is the US-dominated global economics and trade system, and those individuals who benefit from that system. Their "enemy" is not a military one.
  • The "enemy" is not the "United States" nor its people, as Luke asserts and implies at 04:40m (fearmongering). The common enemy of Russia and China is "the #UShegemony". No more, no less.
  • Russia and China are not interested in starting war. Putin has stated this plainly on a number of occassions in his speeches.

(19)  Luke:  "What we see here is Russia strategically moving away, ending the chapter in Syria and starting another one against the United States, backing China."  6:05
  • Oye !!  I thought you said Russia had no more money to make war !!  :-/ 
  • The "growing relationship" is a developed relationship already. If you think this is what Russia has done (as per your quote above), you really need to start playing a lot of catch-up dude   :-/
  • Russia does not want to make war.  Putin has clearly stated however, "I will protect my borders".

One only has to consider the thousands of American military bases all over the world. Please compare those thousands of American bases with the six or so bases Russia has outside of its territories.  And those bases are all very local to Russia in Eastern Europe, with the exception of one base off the Ivory Coast in Africa.


As much as we love to hate it, let's leave the final word on this subject to Wikipedia. At least this Wiki excerpt is not telling you how to feel or think about the situation.

Luke Rudkowski...  You've just been snapped !!


On 14 March 2016, after five and a half months since the start of the military operation in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the mission which he set for the Russian military in Syria "has been accomplished" and he ordered the withdrawal of the "main part" of the Russian forces from Syria.[30] He told a pullout would start next day, on 15 March.[218]
The move was announced on the day when peace talks on Syria resumed in Geneva.[219] "The effective work of our military created the conditions for the start of the peace process," Putin said.[219] And added that he now ordered an intensification of Russia's diplomatic efforts to achieve a peace deal to end the five year long civil war in Syria.[219]
Russian leader, however, did not give a deadline for the completion of the withdrawal.[219] He also said that both Russian military bases in Syria (naval base in Tartus and airbase in Khmeimim) will continue to operate in "routine mode", as the Russian servicemen there will be engaged in monitoring the ceasefire regime.[220]
According to academic F.A. Gerges, Russian military intervention, with its new fighter jets, military advisers and advanced weapons, became a game-changer in the Syrian Civil War.[221] It stopped the bleeding of the Syrian army and allowed it to shift from defence to offence, eventually achieving significant gains in the north, south, Damascus suburbs and even the rebel stronghold of Aleppo.[221] It not only forced the rebels to seek the cessation of hostilities, but enabled Assad to demand a settlement on his own terms. It also restored Russia as a major international player capable of exerting its influence far from its borders, and forced the United States to reckon with Moscow's interests.[222]

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