Wednesday, 2 March 2016


FAKE : fake : FAKE : account !!!

This is not me.  Report it !!

On the reports i'm making to Twitter, i'm simply attaching the whole list of fake accounts on each account i'm reporting. Please feel free to copy-paste the following notification, and do the same. Thanks.

Also:  It's very easy to Report an account on Twitter... Just click on the *cog* next to the "Follow" button on the account.  Have a look on the image above where it says "Blocked".  Do you see that *cog* right next to that "Blocked" button?  That's what you're looking for.  And, yes of course i've Blocked my own fake account. Reporting on Twitter is very easy to do.

Please everybody Report these accounts this week in a joint action, to get these accounts closed down. We've already had success with these fake Facebook accounts on the following links.

Joint actions are where it's at.  Your efforts to report these accounts this week is much needed. This is not "one woman's war".  We all stand together.  This is "social responsibility" on behalf of the children of the world who don't have access to the internet in the way that adults do. We stand for all the children...  Take action!  Please copy-paste the following and report these Twitter accounts. Thank you.

These are FAKE Twitter accounts that belong to Ricky Dearman and his Satanist cult supporters. Please REMOVE these accounts from Twitter.

These are the accounts that are Following the FAKE account that's been set up by Dearman and the Hampstead Satanists to harass her. Thanks.

Bronny Lilly-Lew  @BronnyLillyllew
El Coyote @HoaxteadR
maxalfie48 @Maxalfie48
List 616 @list616
James Hind @views_s
Drif Loud @Drif_Loud
DaCosta Living @HelenDoesH
Common Porpoise @CPorpoise

By the way...  The Drifloud account above is fake.  Please note how the fake URL (link) is identical to the real Drifloud Twitter account link...  This is the real Drifloud's account:

This is how the Satanists are tRicking you  on Facebook and Twitter !!  You need to become very observant... There's no other way around it than people adjusting their own lenses.

Buyer beware !!  out there.

If something doesn't look or feel right when you're talking to somebody on Social Media, it's probably not. Use your gut instincts... Follow that.


Caption:  "Something smells fishy... when you can tell something is wrong."

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