Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dave David says: "Close THIS BLOG down." Is he being overly sensitive?

I wonder why Dave David is recommending for people to Report my blog ??

The screenshot below is of a post Dave Divad published on his Facebook Timeline on Feb 29, 2016.

I only mention Dave Divad's name on my blog a couple of times as part of a list with around 20 other names on it. I list him as one of a suspected group of sock puppet accounts who are run by known (proven) child pornographer and male-on-female assault perpetrator, Ricky Dearman - who incidentally I break NO Facebook Community Guidelines over by mentioning his name on Facebook, since Ricky Dearman is NOT a member of the Facebook community.

Heck !!  If I was Dave Divad, I would want to know immediately that somebody had stolen my identity and was putting words in my mouth that I had no control over.  If I was the real Dave Divad, I would be thanking blogger BronnyNZ  very much right now, and performing an investigation myself to find this other fake account !!

In fact Dave, one of the people in that list of 20 or so other names I publicised over the weekend  has approached me, and has thanked me for letting him know that his name and good reputation was being misappropriated... presumably by that old tRickster, Ricky Dearman himself !!!

Here is what the real David Shurter said to his friends and followers today on his Timeline:
It has come to my attention that Ricki Dearman has set up a Facebook account with MY name, so keep this in mind if you get anything weird supposedly sent from me. I reported it but we will see what happens. This guy is just mad cause social services are not going to give him back his children. But just wanted to let people know....
Article here

So why are you not also thanking me Dave Divad.  Somebody has just misappropriated your name as you can see from this screenshot, and has set up a false account mate...  You'd better get onto it.  The screenshot might give you a good head start so you can catch up with this bastard and report him as soon as possible to Facebook !!!   He's already changed the name on the account twice now... He goes by a "David Divad" as well as a "Divad David".  So you'd better get onto this quick, before he changes the name on the account again mate !!  Quickly !!  Hurry now...  Onto it !!!

This however, is the real Ricky Dearman.  He was last seen putting a large black 12" long, 3" wide dildo up children's bottoms at the summer holidays break-up party held at Christ Church Primary School (CE) Hampstead London, on or near to Tuesday 22 July 2014. This information is taken directly from the testimony of Mr Dearman's two biological children, as reported in Aug-Sept 2014.
Mr Dearman's last known residence is Sheffield, London, United Kingdom.

So if Dave Divad is NOT actually Ricky Dearman, why would he be so darned upset about his name appearing on my blog? I'm pretty sure other people have written stuff about me in the past, such as "Scarlett Scoop" and "El Coyote" on the Hoaxtead blog... And i'm sure a bunch of other so-called "real" people on YouTube and Facebook have been saying some pretty scathing things about me, as well as in replies on my own blog comments... Lots of people have been saying some pretty disparaging things :-/

... But am I kicking up a performance about all of those heinous, untrue things posted about me on the Hoaxtead blog?  - Am I complaining and whimpering about the defamation of my character whenever a Hoaxtead article gets published that vilifies the crap out ot me ?? No... of course not. I'm a 'grown up'. I've got better things to do with my life than run around after nasty people who are creating nasty libelous blog articles about me...

Am I trying to justify my every little comment? No... of course not. Because I know that what is being published and being said about me through those avenues are either all lies, or I am being quoted entirely without any context, to make me look like a raving bitch !!  So toughen up man... Toughen up!  If I can take the flaming arrows of that prick Ricky Dearman, why can't you cope with me mentioning your account name a couple of times on my blog... Come on dude... Be a man, not a whimp !!

btw. This is what we say here in Aotearoa mate when the shit hits the fan...  Just "handle the jandal"  ... "jandal" is our word for 'flip-flops, from 'Japanese sandal' harking back to NZ's involvement in Japanese-held territories in the Pacific during WW2.  Just a little history lesson for ya there Dave.

Therefore: It's really not worth my effort trying to defend myself. I can't be bothered with those clowns who produce such obvious trash - an endless stream of pulp fiction for the mindless masses and the Satanist paedophiles to cackle over...

"Bread and circuses... Bread and circuses..."  

I think those Romans should have been a lot more honest there and added "catamites" as well...

"Bread, circuses and catamites...  

Bread, circuses and catamites..."  

Yes. That's much more reflective of what the baying hounds of humanity want.

- It's just amazing what you learn at university when studying in Classical Studies with Latin. Both "The Satyricon" and "The Golden Ass" are damn good reads and definitely expose why pederasty proliferated in Britannia after Rome conquered the kingdoms of Albion in 43BC.

So if this Dave Divad is really an actual flesh and blood human being man  (generic use of 'man') just like you and me, and not just a fake account that Ricky Dearman has created, then why has this flesh and blood "Dave Divad" not come directly to me to get this sorted? Why has Dave Divad got this bee in his bonnet about wanting to get my whole blog shut down, just on the basis that I have mentioned his name on my blog a couple of times?

Why has this Dave Divad never come directly to me... or sent me a private Facebook message... nor even just written a comment on my blog inviting me to come and sort this problem out? Since we've both probably blocked each other (since August 2015 to be precise), why has he never sent an intermediary to me, to start sorting this issue out?

This is what you would have done, right? 

This is what "normal" people would do. 

So why hasn't Dave ??

From what i've seen, all that Dave Divad has been doing on is Timeline is make up fake stories about conversations between him and myself that never, ever happened !!! Never !!

... Such as his classic tale about some disagreement we had over my "Arcturian experience" blog post http://co-creatingournewearth.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/arcturian-contactee-oh-my-lord-by-bron.html

I mean, if you really want to disparage somebody, you trot out the story of their Inter-Dimensional Light Being (ET) contact don't you? - just to try to really bring the point home that you think the person is deluded. It's an old tactic, but it seems a certain number of people are still tRicked into beLIEving others are "mad" when such blog post links are trotted out.

+ + +

In summary: I'd really like to know why "Dave Divad" is recommending to his circle of Friends that they submit Google Reports in regard to my blog "Co-creating Our New Earth", when all that i've actually done to Dave Divad is...  Mention his name a couple of times !!

It really doesn't add up :-/

Does it?

Would you be so overly-defensive if I said something about you on my blog ??

... or would you just come to me and say:

I don't know where the hell you got that idea from Bron...

Who sold you that truckload of garbage??

... Let's Skype, and clear this up, once and for all." 

That's what "normal" people would do. So why has this Dave Divad never offered to get this issue sorted? And why is he trying, just this week, to "use other people" (your complaint of me, right Dave?) to get my blog closed down, just because i've mentioned his name on here a couple of times?

Doesnt' make sense... It's not rational...


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