Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ricky Dearman tries to slug BronnyNZ from behind with a sledgehammer #RickyDearmanEpicFail

Ricky Dearman's sock puppet "LillyLew" is sending abusive Facebook Messages to "Bronwyn Llewellyn" (that's me) aka BronnyNZ.  Date: 25-02-2016. Time: 1:15am UK time (scroll down)

What Ricky Dearman has sent me is mainly copies of messages i've sent to him through Reports. I've just completed half-a-dozen Reports regarding his "LillyLew" account and the Posts he's put up under the name of that sock puppet.

Will you assist me to report him and these accounts and Posts ???

... and then tomorrow...  We do it all over again.  "The squeaky wheel gets oiled."

And please remember as you read these messages, Ricky Dearman not only creates fictitious names for his sock puppet entities, but he also engages in IDENTITY THEFT ie: misappropriates (steals) other people's ACTUAL names, business names, Video identities (real people speaking on video) and then he puts up FAKE Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profiles for these people and PRETENDS (LIES) that he is them, etc, etc...

It's all about trying to confuse you.

Please remember: Ricky Dearman IS an actor (pretty useless on screen) but he knows how to take on a persona of somebody else and mimic them... and he knows how to come across like a "voice of reason" as if he's completed a psychology degree doubling in philosophy...  and he knows how to come across like a swearing banshee just by imitating how the banshee behaves in her videos.  This is well within the scope of an actor's abilities.  So bear that in mind as you continue to absorb this Post.

Eg:  Danielle George or "Danielle La Verite" as she also calls herself is a real woman...

But this (below) is NOT Danielle George  :-/   .... This is tRICKY DEARMAN !!

Are you starting to see how the old tRickster is playing you yet?

Here's the abusive Facebook Messages Ricky Dearman just sent me an hour ago...  As I say, this is Dearman re-sending me the messages I just sent to him through "Report" and some other stuff he's having a tanty about...  I think he's trying to convince me he's not the blondie and not RawHempStars, when in fact, it IS Ricky Dearman who has set up those accounts using other people's names and business names.

He's such a LIAR.... hell... He LIED to Ella about only seeing the children once a fortnight for years, and years, and years...  Didn't he ???  

It really is time for the people who follow these FAKE accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and only heaven-knows where else, that have been set up by Ricky Dearman, to start waking up to the 'game' he plays and what's going on.  Thanks.

Lilly Lew is in your contacts

TUE 3:14PM

My God, that Ricky Dearman is a fucking awesome master of disguise! Blond wig, Cockney accent, tits, the lot! LMFAO!!!

Abe & Ella stating that the RawHempStars channel is theirs:

Oh dear, Bornny fucked up. Again!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Scroll to 1:18:00

Yeah, that shut you up! LMAO!

Ricky Dearman... Stop creating FAKE accounts.

Ricky Dearman, STOP creating FAKE accounts.

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