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Ricky Dearman STATES HIS AIM: To BAN me from Facebook

IF you don't want me removed from Facebook, 

you NEED to start reporting Ricky Dearman NOW !!

Please report all of his videos made under FALSE ACCOUNT NAMES on YouTube and all of his FAKE ACCOUNTS on Facebook.  Thank you for your help.

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If you've never heard of Ricky Dearman before, here is some background to this case:

Alisa (9) and Gabriel (8) had their testimonies video-recorded by their mother Ella Gareeva (a Russian expat living in London, UK) and Abraham Christie, Ella's new English boyfriend of 4 months at that time (since May 2014). The children's testimonies were recorded over the period, late August to mid-September 2014.

These video recordings were realeased by proxy via "McKenzie Friends" lay Legal Adviser, Sabine McNeill. The hour-long recording that was produced, being a compilation of these video testimonies of the children, was released by other independent whistleblowers on YouTube on Feb 4, 2015 and Feb 8, 2015. McNeill faces charges this month at the RCJ in London on February 25, 2016 I am given to believe... (unconfirmed), for releasing sensitive material which automatically has UK *Family Court "Protection Orders" on them, by virtue that the information is being heard in Family Court. As a consequence of those videos being released on YouTube and all over the Internet, the children's mother Ella Gareeva was forced to leave the UK late one night in mid-February 2015, when police came to her and Abraham's home in Hampstead London UK with the intention of arresting her.  Ella Gareeva was never consulted by McNeill about the release of the videos. Ella Gareeva never agreed to the release of the videos.

* The Family Court in the UK is a "closed court". These are not public hearings. Most often, the children's own parents, the children themselves (anyone under 18 years of age), and other people who support the children in their day-to-day lives, are excluded. The lawyers representing the two parties and the judge and other court officials are most often the only agents present for these "hearings" - they're actually "silencings" - and as we all know now, WILL protect high profile people rather than the Natural Rights of the Child to live free from fear and free from harm. If any documentation or "evidence" submitted to the court is erroneous, from the non-offending parents' point of view as is the case for the Gareeva family, the parent is not present to hear such detail and is therefore unable to make clear submission to challenge those erroneous findings. The Family Court system in the UK is entirely corrupt and protects the pederasts who by-and-large prey upon little boys (often preferred) and little girls, who at this time are often returned to the abusive parent or are dislocated from a loving parent and directed into the public foster system of the UK.  This has been the outcome for Alisa and Gabriel, ongoing.

Ella's ex-partner of some 4-5 years (until c.2008) is Ricky Dearman.  It is Mr Dearman who the children have testified as being the primary sexual offender against them - committing acts of sodomy upon both girl and boy; promoting the indecent exposure of themselves to each other, to Mr Dearman and to hundred of adults coming to his "sex parties"; committing sex acts and indecencies upon a child himself; allowing other adults to perform sex acts upon his children; permitting the administration of pain-inhibiting drugs when the children have cried out or screamed out in pain when himself or other adults perform these acts upon the children; forcing the children to perform sex acts upon himself and other adults including fellatio and cunnilingus performed upon adult women (licking "the middles" as Gabriel (8) so naively describes it); the receipt of (alot) money (according to Alisa) from other people who used them sexually, ie: prostituting them; involving the children in Satanic ritual circles; forcing them to commit murder (by knife) of living (often drugged) little newborn babies trafficked into the UK by Mr Dearman's cult member affiliates and through a network of people all profitteering from such sales of newborn infants; the forced participation of cannibalism, the eating of these "sacrificed" infant newborns; the taking of video footage of these children who were part of a community of 20 other children besides, whose parents are all affiliated to Dearman through the "cult" he has set up; the dissemination of the resulting video showing these ritual sodomite circle activities and the selling of the same to a pederasty-craving world-wide audience through the "dark net".

The children were abducted by UK Police on September 11, 2014 (magic numbers 9/11 once again) after Ella Gareeva (then Dearman) had agreed to let the police interview the children for the purposes of advancing Police inquiries into the allegations they had made against their biological father. The allegations have NEVER been investigated. The two children were removed from the care of Ella Gareeva on that date and put into foster care in the UK where they remain to date.

Here are Abraham's comments on the wider UK situation.
As you can see, he has an extremely good handle as to what's going on:

Source  Feb 23, 2016 Twitter post


Listed is a link to the children's mother, Ella Gareeva's website. Ella continues to live in exile in her Russian homeland with her English partner Abraham Christie who has supported her devotedly all through this harrowing saga. His devotion is a real testimony to his Goodness. Abe has been attacked on all sides by Ricky Dearman's sock puppets. If Ella were to try to return to the UK to find out the whereabouts of her children, and so on, she would be arrested by UK Police as soon as she tries to re-enter the UK. ie: She has been utterly separated from her two children and they from their loving mother, until such time that public pressure and global awareness changes the current situation of over-riding Global Tyranny... which is why WE the Public need to keep sharing the posts wherever we can and create public awareness of the realith of what's going on. The END of the Global Tyranny is coming faster than any of us realise... We stand at the threshold.

I also add a number of background links from this blog which will further explain the unfolding situation as it was happening (from an observer's point of view) from February 10 last year:

"Hampstead Cover Up"  -  produced by the children's mother Ella Gareeva, MA in Art History, Moscow State University.

English Children say WEDNESDAY is the big day of SEX for them !!

Hampstead: Barnet police were surrounded by evidence !!


February 2015: EXPOSED! Satanic Ritual Abuse & UK Child Snatchers

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Here's how to report a YouTube Channel or video:

For a Channel  - Look down the very bottom of the page...  Click on "Send feedback"

For a Video click on "More..."

The following is Ricky Dearman.  This is the message he sent me today. This is how he talks... This is how he harrasses people...  If you want to use this link or any quotes from this link as evidence to back-up what you're saying when you Report, you're welcome to do so.  Feel free to use my name "Bronwyn Llewellyn" but make sure it is accompanied by the URL to make sure Facebook is finding the right account, not one of Ricky Dearman's FAKE "Bronwyn Llewellyn" accounts

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Aww, time of the month, is it, Fatty? You sound like you've got your 58-inch knickers in a twist, haha. By the way, are you on some kind of quest to prove to the World just how fucking stupid you are? Firstly, Scarlet Scoop hasn't written for HR since August. Doh! Secondly, it's la Verite, not la Veritas. LMFAO! Thirdly, Danielle has famously made countless videos and she sure don't look or sound like no Ricky Dearman to me. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Finally, it's not illegal or against Facebook rules to have two accounts, you silly twat. If it were, your best friends Neelu, Araya, Kevin, Charlotte and Angela would all be breaking the rules. Doh! Now if you'll excuse me, I've going to finish my McBabyburger then go and report some more of your Facebook posts. I'm very pleased with my success so far. I'm now aiming to get you banned permanently, hehe... onFacebook: Normal people MUST obey "rules". PEDOs don't have to.

This comment is published here:

So there you have it from the horse's mouth...

Ricky Dearman has announced his intention to 
get me removed from Facebook.

It's now in YOUR hands to STOP that from happening...

Thank you.

Ricky Dearman needs to be Reported by you for harrassment.  I can't do it as I have Blocked many of his various accounts on Facebook or he has Blocked me...  so I can't see what he's doing - but you can.  A very good place to start is his "Danielle La Verite" account...

Image source

Many of the people who are replying to him on this account is him, talking to himself...  ie: he's talking to his own sock puppets. Abraham pointed this out to us months ago. Please open your eyes and see that this IS the game he is playing - of making it look like he's surrounded by supporters, when in fact he's not.  He's all alone and the supporters who have hung out with him at the beginning are OVER IT now, a year later... Those people have lives to lead as well, while he's slumming it at his mate's house in Sheffield collecting his unemployment benefit. So, if it looks like "Danielle" (Ricky) and his other sock puppets have a very busy network of friends, they don't. He's all alone... Very, very, alone...

So you need to be looking out for these people (not people, just) accounts, what they're saying on Danielle's (Ricky's) account and what they're saying to other people in Groups and so on.  You'll find quite a few of Ricky Dearman's sock puppets on the photo above.  You'll find a lot more every day by watching La Verite's discussions with so-called "other people" on his account.

All of these names following are potential Ricky Dearman sock puppets on Facebook...  I know a number of them definitely are...  Yes. He has this many !!!  :-/   He's quite prolific. This will give you a kick-start anyway in carrying out your own research to start identifying them all.  Then just Report them. Eventually, this will get Dearman removed.  You can do this. No too much effort required. Thanks.  Here's a list of some of the names in the "alert" box and the "definite" box you can start looking into and reporting asap.

Danielle La Verite  - definite. Report !!

Danielle George - definite. Report !!

Sharon Daley

Kim Walker

Natasha Martyne Day

Clare Kary

Wallace Bear Sedgeworth  ??

Terry Simpkins ??

Derek Micheal Rothwell  ??

Axiom Seer - very likely him

Mark Trellis - very likely him, or at least a very close affiliate

Scarlett Scoop - DEFINITELY.  Admin on Hoaxtead  A FAKE WordPress Account. Report !!

El Coyote - most likely.  Admin on Hoaxtead

Sheva Burton -  i'm pretty sure this is Dearman... I've had direct contact previously. It "smelt" like him... being the "female" know-it-all version of David Divad.

David Divad  -  Administrator on one of the main Hampstead Fb Groups. Pretty damn sure it's Dearman. See my previous article dated August 12, 2015.  Yeah... it's all been going on for a very, very long time now...

Cynthia Marie - She's only being mentioned here because she is an accomplice of David Divad and is an informant of what the TRUE Supporters of Alisa and Gabriel are saying and doing. eg: Cynthia Marie sent me screen-shots of a conversation we'd had a few days earlier, on around Feb 16, 2016. Why on earth would she do that?  I'm very aware of the conversation so don't need to be sent screenshots of it  :-/  Only conclusion:  She sent these to me by accident...!!  Good grief...  *rolls eyes* (and yeah, I told her she was just confirming to me what a "silly bitch" she really is).

Who was she actually sending these screenshots of our conversation to, I wonder? Since the topic of the conversation was David Divad (who i'm damned sure is another Ricky Dearman sock puppet), i'd say they would have been intended for him !!

This is my screenshot of Cynthia's screenshot, accidentally sent to me in Fb messages.

>>  Cynthia's apperently not too bright at all...  :-/

God help you Ricky Dearman, with half-asleep accomplices like this !!

And then we get Dearma... El Coyote on Hoaxstead making up some sort of an incomprehensible bs story about a "little slip up" and his version of events (more LIES) ...  whereas actually it was very simple:  
Cynthia Marie fucked up !!

Cynthia Marie is David Divad's accomplice but whether Cynthia Marie is bright enough to ascertain that David Divad is probably Ricky Dearman is ANYONE'S GUESS !!

Shoddy... shoddy work  :-/

Stupid and Stupider... That's what happens when you drink too much aspertame out of all those "Diet Coke" soft drink bottles, you very silly California girl...

Here's is Dearma... El Coyote trying to mitigate the effects of Cynthia Marie's cock-up:

... Absolutely "A. Nonny", Ricky Dearman...  I'd be bloody pissed off with Cynthia Marie too if I was you. Oh well mate!  - There goes another couple of covers blown !!  

- You're in with Cynthia, you are El Coyote, David Divad is Dearman as well...  
OOOOooooopps !!!!

We now continue:

Sean Macguire -  probably not Dearman but Macguire's a very "off" cookie

Comment about Macguire:  I've heard he can not be trusted, he allowed character assassinated of Patrick Cullinaine & George Lees. The RAF Gordon Bowden said things about them.  Sean Maguire went ahead with his show without inviting all involved to have their say......

This Max Frisch account on Google+  DEFINITELY.  Report !!

This Max Frisch account on YouTube - DEFINITELY. Report !!

Abraham Christie  - with the KFC on the banner  - definite. Report !!

Abraham Jemal Christie - with the "Raw Hemp Stars" banner  - definite. Report !! 

Graham Gorge Smith

John Johnson

Comment about John Johnson: He has posted in connection to Angela Power Disney and that shill disinformation Sheva Burton liked and shared. She (Burton) was one of those trolls discrediting the Whistleblower Twitter account @SurvivorsAbuse when it was first set it up.

Sylvia Ann Major - I don't think this is Dearman but this account is certainly friends with PEDOs in Scotland

James Hind

Hazel Jones   - Yup. He appears in drag quite a lot.

Also, keep your eye out on the Friends of these accounts, eg: the FAKE Abraham Christie account (below). Somebody told me this account might now be closed down.  And on all of the accounts actually... take a screen shot or copy-paste onto a word doc. who the "Friends" are. I have a few of these archived...  It would be really helpful if you can do this too. Following links through Friends will give you many more good leads to Ricky Dearman sock-puppet accounts.  These names above give you an idea of the sort of "normalcy" of the accounts at least...  ie: none of them are screaming out, look at me, i'm Ricky Dearman. Not at all.  He's very sneaky...  His on-screen Method Acting might be sheite... but he's keeping everyone guessing with these FAKE Facebook accounts !!

Some of the above accounts are not Dearman himself, but they are still shit-stirrers/trolls and paedophiles as currently identified by Alisa and Gabrielle's TRUE supporters. It's quite possible that many of the "Friends" on any of these shit-stirring accounts could be Dearman himself. This IS the game he is playing. He's real dirty...  A very, very dirty little bi-ped.

At least we can see what he's doing now, fully out in the Light of Day. Keep your eyes well and truly OPEN out there.  And don't engage him... it's simply not worth it. You can see the sorts of "love letters" he sends me on a daily basis...  Do you want this to start happening to you?  - So just remain observant until you have enough evidence in your own mind to be absolutely sure the account is fake... then just Report the account. It doesn't matter if you positively think it's Dearman's or not.  If it's fake, it needs to be reported anyway. But there will be a damn good chance that it will be Ricky Dearman who's hiding in the background with his hand up the puppet's bum.

Please also:  Check in Photos & Videos...

You'll find incongruous weird stuff in there as well, like this one in Danielle La Verite's album -

He just can't help himself... He's his own worst enemy.

When you start looking at these accounts, you'll start finding "tells" all over the place, but it's not that obvious when you first start looking. Your eye will start picking them up though after you've been doing it for a little while.


  1. If you need an example of what you can do to help... I just sent this message to YouTube. See my blog post on how to Report a video. I Reported Mark Trellis and the three videos on his channel. Here's my message. Please feel free to use this text and adapt to your own words...

    "The man who made this video is Ricky Dearman who is a known child sex offender. The people in these videos are supporting children to get away from Pedophiles. The video is abusive against these advocates, and the account is a false one.

    "Please BAN Ricky Dearman from using Google products henceforth. He is a very abusive man with many FALSE accounts on YouTube and Facebook. Thank you."

  2. I cannot adequately express how frustrated I am by this story and the total lack of voices being raised to demand that this case be looked at seriously because it takes the instincts of a 5 yr old to see that the forces that be are sweeping this under the rug. Where is the outcry. Where have the righteous people gone that there is not an overwhelming cry from every point on the globe demanding justice be served. Why are we allowing this to be swept under the rug. I cannot imagine the feeling of helplessness that must wear you to exhaustion only to greet you when u wake. All I can say is that I hope people will not allow themselves to be those that walked by the dying, suffering man in the story of the Good Samaritan. My God - what will it take to make u stand up for the persecuted if it us not innocent children. My prayers are with you.


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