Friday, 19 February 2016

Ricky Dearman sock puppets "Danielle George" and "Danielle La Verite" EXPOSED !!

.. Aaaaand... Here's the CONFIRMATION we were waiting for folks... Talk about perfect flaming timing... It's right there on my blog Comments, posted by NONE OTHER than Ricky Dearman himself.

Please see this post so you know what i'm on about...

.... And then go to this blog Comment so you can see exactly what just happened !!!  :D Talk about "synchronicity" !!!  There was DEFINITELY an 'unseen hand' helping out here !!! Otherwise, none of this would have come out so RAPIDLY as it has today.


Dearman is ALWAYS posting me these sorts of little "love letters" under the names of his various sock puppets and of course, "Anonymous". And here he is - He totally lost the plot this time and OUTED HIMSELF!

Ricky Dearman has apparently not Real Eyes'd that i've been on this case just this afternoon (it's 11pm now in NZ) and that i've tagged all the mutual friends between us ( mainly males you vile cross-dressing Honey Pot !! ) to let everyone know about suspicions we had regading this account. I just blocked this Danielle account a few hours ago, and here he is simultaneously... REPLYING TO ME AS DANIELLE GEORGE on my BLOG... !!!  OMG !!!  WHAT A DICK !!!


Here is Dearman trying to pull a Hollywood Satanic triangle *fail*  - The good old "One Eyed Cock Monster". *fail* ... a whole lot like his "career" as an actor...  *fail*

Well... You've got one thing right there Dearman... You're a complete FAKE and are constantly changing your masks... just like the actors in ancient Rome who always wore the theatrical mask, the "persona" to depict up to 20 characters for any given performance.  I'd suggest you've got more than 20 running at any one time, mate! There were only two actors in a play in 400 BC and three actors by 200 BC. So they had to get through a LOT of personae and adapt their body language and so on...

I sure think RD has mastered that.... 

What a chameleon FOOL !!! He's heading for a break-down. 

NOBODY can go on this long without a let-up like he has and 
not end up in a mental institution! 

And here "she" is... enticing a lot of Followers and Friends on Facebook...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Miss "Danielle George" eeerrrrr....  recently changed her name this week to "Danielle La Verite"...  quite the looker...




... so imagine everyone's disappointment when the gorgeous 
"Danielle George" just turns out to be this:   Eeewwwwwww.....


RICKY DEARMAN IS Danielle George!!!!  SNAPPED you witless clown !!  

And we all thought that Danielle George aka Danielle La Verite was a beautiful, hot, WOMAN !! No such luck... Just a dick with a dildo on his head !!


But of course...  

There's always the option of DOING YOU for IDENTITY THEFT Ricky Dearman !!!

>>  Can the REAL Danielle George please stand up !!  (from 34:00)

UK Column News ~ 2nd October 2014 ~ Daniele La Verite aka Chloe George

Published on Oct 2, 2014
Lou Collins and Brian Gerrish presenting today's news with Danielle George (the real one) !!!


  1. God, I hate the Hampstead Trolls.

    1. Yup. They think they're being so clever, but all they're doing is digging themselves bigger and bigger graves. Fools !!


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