Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ricky Deaman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb

... And here's ANOTHER Ricky Deaman [demon] sock puppet [Dearman actually] that's just turned up in Comments on my blog...
"Max Frisch". There's really no end to them is there?  :P   What a clown he is...  Here's his nice, sparkly, pristine, newly-created Google account and affiliated YouTube channel...  Not a real identity at all... Just RD jerking himself off again in the shadows.

#RickyDeamanFail   #RickyDeamanEpicFail

+ + +

You'll find his Comment here >> 

Poster:  His whole life led him to this moment ... Ricky Dearman. "One Bullet" 
- Directed by Christopher Krueger

>>  Yup... That's all that's needed...  Just "one bullet".

I've got stacks of these Comments archived now, unpublished and published on my blog, all Dearman wearing different sock puppets. That's how I know it's Ricky Dearman: He's my main Commentor at the moment, so it's really easy to pick him up !!  ... FOOL !!!

Please note S  -  No. Not "guessing" at all... It's plainly obvious. Just ask yourself a few fundamental questions and you'll see the answers too...  such as:

"Who else would be wanting to write to Bronwyn this way? Who else would be so highly motivated to keep harassing her?" ... etc.

Only ONE person fits that description: Ricky Dearman.

+ + +  

He's calling himself "Max Frisch" this time... Hmmm... He's heading east!
I now give you Ricky Dearman:

"LOL, a trend has started! At least 8 people (and counting) have now opened Bronwyn Llewellyn Facebook accounts, haha. They've even used your pics! And all of them have blocked you, so you can't find them. They're out there right now, speaking on your behalf and upsetting your FB friends.

[These would largely be accounts created by the master sock puppeteer himself I would say
- Ricky Dearman]

"My guess is you'll think twice next time before posting pictures of yourself with machine guns and threatening to rampage through Hampstead High Street shooting innocent men, women and children. KARMA, BITCH! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Published on U.S. County Sheriffs STAND UP for the Constitution. Please Share.

Submitted by: Max Frisch
at 11:15am  NZ
= 10:15pm UK time

It just continues to show the world the arrogance and ignorance of PEDO-baby-killer Ricky Dearman  :-/  
FAR too much Cocaine !!!  :-/

+ + +

All of these additional "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets just gives US more to work with, right ?? And it appears that LOTS of Ricky Dearman's affiliates and members of the Hampstead Satanic baby-killing, child-raping (sodomising) cult are lining up and WANTING to "stand up and be counted" along-side their mate, and get rounded up too... by all the REAL Alisa and Gabriel supporters !!  Yay !!  They are ALL putting their hands up to be corralled...  Certainly makes it easier for us, right?   ; )

At least we know the images to look out for now on these fake accounts. These are some images I put up on a blog post in February 2015 to express just how ANGRY I was that this was happening to children in the UK. I was SO ANGRY !!!  >>

So please go to it... I can't defend myself on this (as Ricky says above) because i'm blocked from seeing these accounts. Just Search: "Bronwyn Llewellyn" and derivatives thereof on Facebook and see what turns up.  If it's a new account with not very many Friends and especially if it's got photos on it like the ones above, please get Reporting...

TOO EASY !!  : )  Thanks

+ + +

And "Nup". I stand by my photos RD... I'd kill EVERY MOTHER-FUCKING BABY-RAPING SATANIST in Hampstead right NOW if I had half a chance!  - you'd better goddamn believe it !!!!  "You are of your father the Devil, the father of ALL LIES..." I never said I was going to kill "innocents" - I only wanted to KILL YOU baby-rapists who congregate around Hampstead Heath and in the tunnels leading up to Boadicea's Mound !! What a fool you are... SO transparent "Mr Goody Two-Shoes" in public and behaves like a complete arse-wipe when talking through his sock puppets !!  :-/  Fucking childish. A whimpering little coward... That's what your mummy and daddy brought you up to be...  a whimpering, frightened little coward who can't even look at himself squarely in the eye. And what a WRECK of a "man" you are now  : (

Fucking Satanists !!!

+ + +

Oh well... You're going to be busy peeps, continuing to BUST THE ASS of this clown and Reporting all of these sock puppets to Facebook until he finally gets BANNED PERMANENTLY... !!!

He's DEFINITELY pushed the "Self Destruct" button now...
What's that called again??  Oh that's right...

It's all part of Ricky's "Masochistic Personality Disorder" 

That's interesting:  "Historically, masochism has been associated with feminine submissiveness..." which fits really well considering that Ricky Dearman is a "generational child sexual abuser" which means of course that HE HIMSELF had to SUBMIT as a small boy to his own mother and father sticking plastic dildos up his arse and making him bleed and suffer...  All makes sense really.

Ricky suffers from "Borderline Personality Disorder" as well...  sticks out like a sore toe as seen in all of his 'attention-seeking' behaviours.

No-one can deny that this is ONE VERY TWISTED INDIVIDUAL  :-/   Oh well... It's his shit to deal with...
We've all had to face our childhood traumas and abuse, and Ricky Dearman is not exempted from having to go through that process either...  IF he wants to get well.

Here's the backgrounders from last night and the night before, THIS post on Facebook and a re-post of my Fb notification about Dearman = "Danielle George" and "Danielle La Veritas" two nights ago, back onto this blog:


  1. Hehehehehe! Hey Trunchbull, you really should check out the latest screenshots over at Hoaxtead Research. Your epic lie has been exposed! Did you seriously expect your last few remaining friends to believe that those machine gun posts were anyone's but yours? Everyone remembers them from the time plus the article written by Hoaxtead at the time is still up, complete with screenshots. D'oh!

    Oh and we also successfully reported your fake user name and one of your vile disgusting death threats - and Facebook have upheld both complaints and removed your post, hahahahaha!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to McDonald's. Those yummy McBabyburgers are to die for :)

  2. Ricky Dearman pedophile, Satanic cult leader, and baby trafficker strikes again.
    *over it*


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