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KEEP THE PEDOPHILES OPERATING !!! Facebook "Doth protest too much".

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The Post below was removed today from my Facebook Timeline. It contained no swearing, no tirades of abuse or obscenity, no perverse images...  But it DID contain "a plan".  This is the message Facebook sent me in response to posting this:

We Removed Something You Posted
We removed the post below because it doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards:
Here's Ricky Dearman's latest creations... I've just reported him to Google for his Google+ page and his YouTube page. Let's see if we can get some traction this time.

Is this the piece of the puzzle that's been missing ?? ... that people have simply not been reporting him?

Help me report both of these Google pages... If you've got a Google account you'll see a 'Home' icon at the top left when you click on either of the links below. Click on this - "Home" and go to the very bottom of the dropdown where it says "Feedback". Take it from there. My Feedback to Google regarding Ricky Dearman's multiple accounts is following. If you want to use this as a template to submit YOUR Feedback about these two pages, please do so:

Hi there,
This account belongs to Ricky Dearman. He is using my name and misrepresenting me. Please close this account down and please search into Ricky Dearman's accounts on YouTube... He uses a LOT of aliases on YouTube primarily for the purposes of harrassing people.

I would love to see Ricky Dearman banned from using Google products in the future. Thank you.

The fact that this post was removed from Facebook suggests to me a few things:

(1) That this IS the piece of the puzzle that's been missing, ie: the People have not been reporting Ricky's abusive behaviour and have not been reporting his dozens of sock puppets, either on Facebook or YouTube. That is: It is WE who have let this behaviour continue; it is WE who have ALLOWED his free movement on social media up to this point; it is WE have ALLOWED his ongoing abuses of our number to continue for OVER TWELVE MONTHS !!

- No wonder he thinks we're all a lot of suckers when we just allow him to brow-beat, put down, and tell outright LIES about the True supporters of Alisa and Gabriel, when we ALLOW him to inhabit other people's identities and take up all these Sock Puppets !!! WE are ALLOWING it !!

Ricky Dearman sock puppets "Danielle George" and "Danielle La Veritas" EXPOSED !!

Ricky Dearman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb

Screen Shots of Sock Puppets will be put into very good hands...

- Does a part of us WANT him to ENTERTAIN us... ??? On some level, do we think he is very funny !!! ???

Time to wake up and smell the mocha ladies and gentlemen... Are you FOR him having FREE REIGN wherever he goes... or are you AGAINST him being allowed to entertain us with his "Wild Card" antics ?? Yeah... It's a really serious question. Where DOES your INTEGRITY sit ??

If you ARE actually against all the activities that Ricky Dearman carries out on social media, you WOULD be REPORTING him !!! And very clearly, this has NOT been happening. So it's TIME for YOU to take a "reality check" and ask YOURSELF: "WHY have YOU not been reporting..." ???

(2)  That Facebook, as so many people say, DOES in fact harbour pedophiles and allows pedophile activities to continue, and gives pedophiles carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want. That includes creating as many FAKE ACCOUNTS as they want, which certainly NONE of us out here are allowed to do... "Normal" people get pulled up immediately if they try to make a second account on Facebook. That's because Facebook uses 'Cookies' and these track your IP address - Facebook knows immediately if an account (a false identity) that you're trying to create, comes from an IP address that you're already using. They STOP you during the set-up...

Yes... talking from personal experience here...  I thought it would be fun to set up a "Pipi Longstocking" account two years back. There was no way I (a 'normal' person) could set up a second account under a different name...  Not at all !!

This begs a LOT of questions:

(a)  WHY is this pedophile Ricky Dearman allowed to create as many false accounts as he wants to ???  The double-whammy for Facebook is that they even allow him to use REAL PEOPLE's names !!!

This is IDENTITY THEFT for heaven's sakes !!! This is an ILLEGAL activity in most countries right around the world !!! And yet Facebook allows him to do this !!!! By allowing Ricky Dearman to do this, he is easily able to insert chaos and confusion between people who are trying to do a good job by Alisa and Gabriel... to get them home to their mother Ella !!

(b)  WHY have people on Facebook (yeah, that's us) not woken up yet to these games that Dearman plays?

(c)  WHAT is causing the Cognitive Dissonnace that stops people from seeing the OBVIOUS ?? 

(d)  WHAT is at the ROOT of this BLINDNESS ??

(e)  WHAT do people need to do for THEMSELVES so they will be able to SEE ??

>> Please remember:  Humanity is currently living under the "spell" that the Black Babylonian Magicians have cast over this world.

You'll find "Black Babylonian Magicians" in the parliaments of the world, at the Freemasons' Hall in London which is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England. You'll find them in Jewish Synagogues... In the UK Parliament, in the USA Congress...  You'll find them sitting in executive chairs at "Comcast" in the USA, in director's chairs at movie studios, in "Christian" churches (obviously, in the Church of England, London UK)...  Sitting at judge's benches, sitting in Producers chairs where the 6 o'clock news gets reported every night...  You'll find them with "labels" such as "Sir" and "Lord" and "Major General" and "Mr. President"  ... and they are MOST DEFINITELY sitting as CEOs of the IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements and in Van Kampen accounting offices all over America. Van Kampen run the bookkeeping for the USA Company, so that company's owners in Europe and the UK know they are getting the "cut" they are expecting from off the sweat of the U.S. "human resource"  :-/   It all gets funnelled through the U.S's IRS into the tax haven of Peurto Rico (hence the real title of the U.S. "Secretary of the Treasury" being: "The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico" !!!). These entities are ALL a part of the TRICK...  of the ILLUSION !!!  

And a BIG part of  The Spell is: 

"Do not let people see the Truth"


...  Because my suggestions have obviously hit at the heart of "something" or "someone". I would therefore very strongly suggest that this is a very probable solution to all the TROLLING problems we have on Facebook at the moment, a very high percentage as we now know, is being done by none other than Hampstead Satanist cult and Child Pornography ring leader, actor Ricky Dearman !!

Search:  Hampstead, Satanic, Molech, baby sacrifice  >>  on this blog for more

-  So LET'S DO this action then, just as I outline above in this Facebook post. Let's see if we can get Ricky Dearman's arse kicked right out of there... Yeah... and on that day we will ALL definitely be singing, "Ding Dong the WITCH is dead !!!" - and he IS such a Witch... and SO much more.... EVIL WAY BEYOND what any of us could ever envisage "EVIL" to be !!!

+ + +

Here's my further comments around this current position we find ourselves in...  Much more on my Facebook. Please come and join the discussion:  Here are some comments I posted on my Facebook last night...

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Here's his latest "creations"... I've just reported him to Google for his Google+ page and his YouTube page. Let's see if we can get some traction this time.

LikeReply18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Is this the piece of the puzzle that's been missing ?? ... that people have simply not been reporting him?

LikeReplyRemove Preview18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman As for "not doing much good" if we report... Yup. He's depending on us thinking this way  :-/ Time for ACTION !!
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Bronwyn Not-Dearman Ricky Dearman is not such a big player that he has such a strong global reach... He's a minnow swimming with a lot of really big fat sharks... He wants us to beLIEve he's one of the sharks. He's not. He wouldn't be behaving so desperately as he does if he was one of the 'big wigs'.
LikeReply18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Report his ass... Over and over and over again... All of us. Google will get sick of us. It's the sqeaky wheel that gets oiled.
LikeReply18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Yup... I know the game... But does that just mean we all curl over and never give this strategy a bloody good go ???
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Respondant:  Will do it... don't mean to be so defeatist. I just think getting away with what he has done already, he's got some kinda protection and the fact the bbc wheeled him out for an interview xx
UnlikeReply18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Yes... That's all part of the Babylonian Magic Trick... However... Because Abe, Araya and others were really enjoying playing cat-and-mouse with Dearman's various YouTube aliases in 2015, our hands were pretty-much tied.
LikeReply18 hrs

Bronwyn Not-Dearman ... But those days are over... Dearman got Abe kicked off Twitter and i'm not sure where else... I know Ella's WordPress got pulled as well and they're now on a different website template...
LikeReply18 hrs

Ella's  >>  "Hampstead Cover Up"

Bronwyn Not-Dearman Therefore: The lustre has rubbed off people playing 'tackle and bait' and are Real Eyesing that Dearman is 'in it to win it' ... and so am I. I don't mess around with him, like Abe = Drifloud used to, and I certainly don't flirt with him like Araya used to. I talk straight from the hip. I just put the blunt Truth out there of Who I Be and tell RD that he can't do the same because he's so fucked up by his parents.
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Bronwyn Not-Dearman  WE are the people "in Power". We don't ask for permission... we just TAKE IT !!
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Bronwyn Not-Dearman ... and if we can't "take it", we DEMAND it... That's what we're all about with Google atm... They will get so sick of us all over the next 2-3 weeks... It costs MONEY to get people to look into complaints, you know...
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Bronwyn Not-Dearman I used the same strategy when I wanted to get the Smart Meter removed from my house... I just phoned the Call Centre EVERY DAY and argued the point like crazy with the Call Centre operators... If they wanted to leave the call, i'd just keep on talking and they'd have to listen... I'd have them on there for around 45mins to an hour. Finally, a Sub-Supervisor came and talked to me (they track everything) and I demanded to speak to his boss. I did eventually and also gave him an angry ear-full for nearly an hour... ALL of this Costs Money... I WAS angry, but I really knew the "game" was to hit the company's "bottom line" - they pay those call centre operators around $20 an hour... $60 loss over 3 days is WAY too much, just from one little Power Account holder! In the end, they GLADLY removed my Smart Meter and couldn't wait to help me... Because they knew if they didn't, I would call the next day...and the next day... and the next day... ad nauseum... This strategy works !!

Search:  EMF, RF, Smart Meter  >> on this blog for more

Bronwyn Not-Dearman We'll do the same with this... With enough of us firing off Reports to Google, we'll get Dearman off YouTube. We just have to be very, very, persistent... and I AM !!! smile emoticon
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> > >

How persistent are YOU ??  

Are you "in it to win it" ??  

I sure AM !!!  : )

Join an ever-growing number of supporters -



Here's the Feedback I sent to Facebook this morning when their little template asked me how I stood in response to the "experience" of having my Facebook Post removed...  the one I added right at the top of this post. Here's what I said... Please feel free to use this text as a framework for when you are reporting Ricky Dearman's sock puppet accounts to YouTube or Facebook.

Poster says -  Facebook:

What went wrong? How could it be better?

My reply:

Ricky Dearman has dozens of accounts on Facebook.  He creates these accounts often using REAL people's names.  He is using MY name currently on FAKE accounts.  And yet Facebook is doing nothing to STOP this behaviour.  WHY ??

STOP Ricky Dearman creating FAKE accounts and then I will have NO NEED to post the sort of Post you have deemed fit to remove.

DO YOUR JOB...  so I don't have to do your job for you !!!

Thank you very much,

> > >


  1. Bronwyn Not-Dearman on Facebook said: I only put this post up 1 hour ago and it already has over 20 Views... This is very unusual Viewer behaviour on a post. It usually takes a few hours for people to start noticing a post and to start sharing it.

  2. Bronwyn Not-Dearman said: I'd have a wild guess and say a large majority of those views are from the Hampstead PEDOs themselves who want to see what i've put up "this time". It's funny how the Hampstead cult members and supporters say "there's no such thing", and yet when you put up a post like this, they're bending over backwards to come and have a jack at it. If there was no such cult operating in London, there would be NO such interest in what i'm saying about them... and my posts would get no Views, and Ricky Dearman would have walked away a LONG time ago shaking his head at all us "nutters". But No... He's in there all the time, fanning the flame... because HELL... his Borderline Personality Disorder is demanding that people take notice of him... even if it's "negative" attention. Toooooo transparent Ricky :-/
    18 mins ago ·

  3. Bronwyn Not-Dearman said: Dearman is keeping a close watch on me... "Hi Dicky..." but I don't really give a rat's arse... otherwise I would have a Private, not a Public Facebook account, and I sure wouldn't be putting everything out on my blog if I was afraid of myself or other people for that matter, which i'm not... Unlike you Ricky... you poor bugger...
    Like · Reply · 22 mins ·

    1. ... Just another fucking paedophile who has to go slinking in the shadows like some undead, vile vampiric stinking-of-rotting-blood, wraith... How fucking detestable...

  4. ... And the Views keep piling up. That's another 10 in just the space of 20 minutes... Very unusual behaviour for my blog. It's just such a 'pity' all the London PEDOs are so STUPID !! Oh how they love outing themselves... It's such a declaration of: "there is no cult". Yeah right...

    KEEP THE PEDOPHILES OPERATING !!! Facebook "Doth protest too much".


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