Monday, 22 February 2016

Facebook: Normal people MUST obey "rules". PEDOs don't have to.

When Ricky Dearman can prance around the place pretending to be dozens of other identities on Facebook and YouTube and get away with it and when other people such as myself get nabbed for the smallest infringement, it really makes me wonder about the "level playing field" that one would have automatically thought Facebook would have for all its users.  How they can turn a blind eye to all of Dearman's abuses of not only other people on Facebook, but also of THEIR system... and how can they can be so ignorant of what's REALLY going on ??  Are they actually that deaf, dumb and blind... ??

Please keep Reporting those FAKE Ricky Dearman accounts people. 
Don't tolerate his bad behaviour at all.  Facebook will get sick of your constant Reports eventually, and WILL eventually DO something about it. 
It just takes perseverance...  Thanks  : )

"Chameleon". Ricky Dearman images

You can only feel deep sadness for somebody as lost and empty as this.
He apparently thinks he looks very good on the outside, and that may be... but "normal people" don't have to look too hard to see what huge emptiness and bereftness is the experience of this sad soul.

- poor kid   : (    Deeply sad.  Deeply disturbing.

Note:  The following Facebook notification is in reference to me changing my Facebook profile name to "Bronwyn Not-Dearman" for the last couple of days after Ricky Dearman made his announcement that he and his pals were going to blitz Facebook with THEIR fake "Bronwyn Llewellyn" accounts.

I did it simply as a basic security - to let my regular Friends and other Hampstead Cover Up supporters know that if a "Bronwyn Llewellyn" was giving them grief to please not panic... that it's not me...
It's just Ricky Dearman.

Apparently, Ricky Dearman doesn't like other people playing HIS game where they can use whatever name they please. Ricky Dearman likes to put people in a box where he has KonTROLL of them.  This is his instant knee-jerk reaction to people who Stand as FREE Sovereigns. These are very obviously exactly the same tactics he used with Ella for the three or fours years he was with her. What an utterly horrible way to "live", ie: not living at all when this is the level of control over you. These are exactly the same tactics he will have used with the children, and what recourse do children have?  - Bugger all, right?  Adults are so much bigger than children physically (obviously). Those two poor sweet little children were broken by him - they just had to bend over and "take it", quite literally  :(   Very, very sad and cruel and corrupt and criminal!

What an animal.

It seems to me that Ricky Dearman breaks out in some kind of an allergic reaction unless he has KonTROLL over people.  Poor bugger...  What an uptight way to live  :-/   No wonder he has to snort so much Cocaine. When you're that uptight all the time, you'd NEED an escape from the nastiness of the reality you're living in, just for a little reprieve...  And when you've got demons running your thoughts, you DOUBLY need an escape  : (   It's all just so horrible.

In this link below, Dearman is gloating (demons do gloat) and letting me know that he and his Satanist ghoules, his "shadow meisters" (They all have to stand in his shadow. They've mastered it!), are putting up fake "Bronwyn Llewellyn" accounts on Facebook. Please go to Comments:

This is the measure of the man...  and when I get out my yard-stick, there sure and hell isn't that much to him. As Gabriel says:  "weak... weak... I feel very weak when I eat baby..."  Yup. It's had exactly the same effect on your Dad too love.  He's a very weak "man".

Ricky Dearman is a cantankerous and spoiled child who never found any justice for himself regarding what his generational child-sexual-abusing parents did to him.  You can only feel sorry for him. It is Mr and Mrs Dearman senior who created this psychopath - out of their own flesh and blood. Ricky Dearman has left his mind in the basement of a Church of England at some point along the way... His own choosing of course. But yeah... "Pity" is certainly one of the stronger emotions I feel for this "man" today.

Imagine feeling so weak all the time inside of yourself (a carry-over from your childhood) that you have to hound people all the time until you get exactly what YOU want. This must be completly exhausting for the people who have day-to-day contact with him. He's completely all about "service to self". That's all the unmet childhood needs screaming out, right there.

Just imagine having to spend all of your childhood... your ENTIRE childhood so trapped and unable to get out of the situation of being sodomised on a daily basis.  Imagine never knowing the TRUE love and respect of your parents right from a very young age and right into adulthood... of never being respected... of there never being any Boundaries you could put up to protect yourself from being hurt  : (  How would any of us cope with being violated every day ??  Sad beyond sad  : (

The result is a "man" who is completely non-empathetic, manipulative, and only feels satisfaction when he has KonTROLL over other people...  Over me... over Ella...  over Abe... over the children... Over all the people he slags off on his Hoaxtead WordPress. That's how weak he feels. He needs his daily fix of slagging off as many people as he possibly can, just to feel even a little bit powerful within himself. That's why he comes baiting me every day... because he needs his fix. He needs me to react so he can then belittle me, to make himself feel good. What a rotten way to live... just slowly killing himself in the pain of everything he doesn't have the courage to deal with.

What an EMPTY casket of a "man" he is.  I can only feel vast levels of PITY for him. He is completely UnConscious.  How very, very, SAD   : (

... And what a fuck-up...   :-/  Thank you very much Mr and Mrs Dearman senior.  What a sorry sod of  a son you didn't raise.  I hope you feel very proud of yourselves now of the results of all your abuses upon this young man... forcing him to do what he didn't want to do. I hope you feel very proud indeed of all the abuses you did to this boy when he was a very little child - this SON of YOURS who you were meant to love and care for and hold very preciously and tenderly... but you didn't do that, did you?  You very obviously only abused and raped him instead !!  Epic FAIL !!!

+ + +

Following are the little Facebook questionnaires asking me if this is the real me...
ie: is "Bronwyn Not-Dearman" my real name ??  ... just for your interest. This is how it rolls out there for "normal" people...  not for the Ricky Dearmans of this world, apparently...  At least, not yet.

When would you like to confirm your name?
To help us confirm your name, we may ask you to submit some common documents that display the name you’d like to use on your profile. We accept many different kinds of documents, even membership IDs and credit cards, so please have the ones that work best for you available when you're ready to confirm your name.
If you choose Confirm Later, we'll ask again in exactly 7 days. Keep in mind that at that time you won't be able to use your Facebook account until you can help us confirm your name.

Help us confirm your name
We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life so friends know who they’re connecting with.
If Bronwyn Not-Dearman is your authentic name, please choose Confirm Name to help us confirm it. If you aren’t currently using your authentic name on Facebook, please click Update Name to update the name on your account.

Enter the name you’d like to confirm
Please enter the name you’d like to confirm and use publicly on your Facebook account. Once we confirm the name you enter below, your account will be automatically updated to display that name.

That's what these forms look like...  These are the conditions under which "normal" people may use Facebook.  It still doesn't address why Ricky Dearman aka "Danielle La Verite" (thank you for your correction Ricky... would want the peeps to be tracking down the wrong account now would we? *Doh... Just shot yourself in the foot again*), and his countless other identities on Facebook and YouTube can get away with having multiple FALSE names... I guess in the scheme of things, he is simply manifesting all of his multiple personalities... all his "alters".

But as far as Facebook goes: WHY ???  I'd really like to know WHY !!  

What IS up with these double standards ??

I think for our part, it's just that we're not Reporting him...  and that's REAL EASY to fix, right?

Take ACTION NOW...  

Report Ricky Dearman's FAKE accounts...  

It's TIME he was REMOVED !!!


  1. Hey, folks, it's all going really well!

    I've just had a count-up and it seems the team have been busy little beavers, haven't they. There are Bronny Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts popping up all over the place, LOL.

    Keep up the marvellous work, everyone. Let's keep showing these evil fuckers, especially Barmy Bronwyn, that the innocent men, women and children of Hampstead will not take their lies, harassment, bullying and intimidation lying down!


    1. .... more "love notes" from Ricky Dearman. You really know how to dig yourself a great big hole, don't you mate?

    2. Report the above video Channel... Tell YouTube this is a FAKE account set up by somebody with a LOT of Fake accounts on YouTube. Let them know also that this account has been set up to misrepresent a friend of yours who the account holder has launched a campaign of harrassment on. Tell YouTube that according to their OWN Community Standards, they are obliged to BAN this user, and this is what you would like to have happen. Thanks.

  2. At least we can see above the games Ricky Dearman plays folks. So if you think you're talking to some nice person on Facebook or Twitter who seems to have a nack of swaying your opinion, and telling you how "bad" Ella and Abe are, just remember this post above... These are the games Ricky Dearman plays. Buyer Beware !!


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