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Directory: Ricky Dearman's Comments on BronnyNZ's blog

Well done everybody !!!



Keep going people... Keep reporting...
This strategy is WORKING !!! :)
Thank you thank you - - - SO MUCH. Let's keep going !!!

Here's the blog post I just put on my timeline >>>
Please feel to share the Timeline version if you want to or this blog version.
THIS is a GREAT VICTORY !!  : ) Thank you all !!  <3

The following question was asked of Ricky Dearman on his Divad David sock puppet account on Feb 19, 2015 @ 3:47pm >>

"Does anyone know what started this all off?"

My answer to that question is this:

Ricky Dearman began hounding me relentlessly on my blog Comments from the middle of January onward. By mid-February, i'd simply had a guts full of him. I also started receiving private messages from people who were joining a lot more dots besides... So it launched me into a full-scale PUSH-BACK of everything that Ricky Dearman is doing on Facebook... simple as that !!

Here are all the links for the Comments that Ricky Dearman as various aliases (sock puppets) left on my blog from around August 2015. His efforts ramped up hugely from mid-January 2016. I have no idea why he did that, because I was blogging about world affairs - Syria, Russia, and the CIA hoax that IS ISIS, at that time. ie: Dearman's initial attacks of me from mid-January were entirely unprovoked. He was just doing his thing and I was just doing mine.

+ + +

Background to these Ricky Dearman Comments: From August 2015, Dearman mainly replied as 'Anonymous', and only sporadically. I got to see the tone and timbre of his replies and after a while, I could spot him from a mile away. Please check out Ricky Dearman's Comments on these blog links. He kept changing his "persona" (Latin. 'actor's mask') when he gave these replies. He IS an actor, after all :-/ As you see, by the end of January/beginning of February, he had lost the plot. The actor's masks (personae) were all down, and we just get Ricky Dearman spewing invective - under the names of all kinds of sock puppets, of course...

Please note the "Danielle George" reply. That's what clued me in to the fact that a number of the Danielle George and Danielle La Verite accounts on Facebook actually BELONG to Ricky Dearman... It was one of the names he had so easily trotted out and replied as, on my blog: "Danielle". It matched with what other people were sending me. Ricky Dearman had just let the cat out of the bag... Too much cocaine addling his brain, I think.

Please enjoy working your way through these... These comments are VERY "telling". He leaves clues to his real identity all over the place > > > Do you see what I see ??
Co-creating Our New Earth : Disinformation Agent "David Divad" guns for Truth Finder BronnyNZ
Co-creating Our New Earth : Neelu Berry uses Hampstead Cover-up as leverage. Common Law demands...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ella Gareeva testimony: Ricky Dearman sexual deviant. Hampstead case
Co-creating Our New Earth : Demonic activity and Witchcraft in the 21st century

Then over January - even though I wasn't blogging on Hampstead - he really began to ramp up his efforts. He was making 6-7 abusive comments a day on my blog. Of course, I didn't publish them, only a handful. I just wanted to publish a few to let people see who Ricky Dearman really is...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Visualisation for Ella Gareeva and her family... Join us in our VISION

This is where it started getting REALLY abusive !!
Co-creating Our New Earth : Large "Planet" with SIX OBJECTS orbitting just outside our solar...
Co-creating Our New Earth : Hampstead Cover Up... UNCOVERED. Ritual child sexual abuse, London UK
Co-creating Our New Earth : The 6-9D Blue Avians MESSAGE to humanity - Corey Goode
Co-creating Our New Earth : WHO or WHAT keeps turning up the HEAT !! ???? Hamilton NZ
Co-creating Our New Earth : Is President Vladimir Putin going to SAVE us? What is "Sovereignty"?

This time, there was a comment from "Danielle George" - yet another Ricky Dearman sock puppet !! :-o

... and Abraham Jemal Christie... another RD sock puppet account.
THEN Jean Clement sock puppet operated by RD - ie: Identity THEFT !!!
Co-creating Our New Earth : U.S. County Sheriffs STAND UP for the Constitution. Please Share.

Then here, as a "Max Frisch" who is another Ricky Dearman YouTube sock account (he's got probably dozens on YouTube)

>>> All of these Comments were coming in thick and fast I can tell you...  :-/   Abuse upon abuse...

And then came this next Comment where he declared the future THEFT of my IDENTITY which he finally did set up on the FAKE Fb "LillyLew" account, which is obviously very close to the URL of my Facebook account. (Dearman's) (mine)

He's just changed the name of that Sock Puppet to "Gabriella Barney". I would say that everybody REPORTING this account has lead to Ricky Dearman having to remove the name "LillyLew". But it still doesn't change his URL, nor his intention towards the TRUE Hampstead Cover Up supporters, so the "fight" continues...

I DO wonder however why Ricky Dearman is hiding this time behind the pseudonyms 'Gabriel' and 'Ella'. I really think you should leave Gabriel's name out of this Ricky Dearman. Haven't you hurt him enough already?? Poor little boy  : (   You're a VERY UNWELL man   : (

This declaration of IDENTITY THEFT was undoubtedly the Comment where I said  "Right... Enough is enough." This time, he'd actually made a Sock Puppet account to disparage ME !! :-/

"The straw that broke the camel's back", as they say :P
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Deaman et al. creating "Bronwyn Llewellyn" sock puppets on Fb
Co-creating Our New Earth : Facebook: Normal people MUST obey "rules". PEDOs don't have to.

It was around this time, approximately 10 days ago that a Hampstead supporter sent me a whole bunch of info about these sock puppet accounts. She provided me with verifications - screen shots, names, activities, strategies used - of what she was seeing. It was a GREAT REVEALER !!

So - It was no longer just me seeing these things. Other people were seeing things too. Then I KNEW we had him. The time had come where we could take him down. #CriticalMass

+ + +

So that's really the answer to your question:

"What brought all this on...?"


Following is the REAL me talking here in the Comment below, not RD posing as me (just to clarify):
Co-creating Our New Earth : Ricky Dearman STATES HIS AIM: To BAN me from Facebook

+ + +

From those first vollies in mid-January, I kept on tightening the security around: "Who can comment" on my blog. I've always had the "Moderate for everything" functioning.

I started off with "Anyone" (prior to mid-January), to Google Account holders only, to Registered ID, and finally to 'Only members of this blog' (by Feb 22, 2016). That's the date when Ricky Dearman stopped sending me these abusive Comments - hiding behind his various sock puppets all the time. And by then, Ricky Dearman had no idea what sort of Shit Storm would follow...

And this is it Dearman... You were trying to push my buttons ever since mid-January, and you SUCCEEDED !! Well done !!!

Note: For people to become "members of this blog", they have to give their email address. As soon as I put this filter up, Ricky Dearman stopped commenting. He apparently doesn't want Anons finding his IP number.

+ + +

All through this time, Ricky Dearman was disparaging me on his various sock puppets "Danielle La Verite" and "Divad David" on Fb, and I have no doubt, in other places too. I couldn't see any of this because he has me blocked from these accounts, but people were sending me their screenshots.

The fact that I KNOW the Commentor on all of my blog posts was Ricky Dearman, and yet supposedly "completely different people" have come into the fray on this issue would tell you surely that all of these "completely different people" simply are:  Ricky Dearman, attempting to defend himself and confuse you.

Think about this for a moment...
And another moment...
And just let all of this sink into you...


Why would anyone step into an argument between BronnyNZ and an array of sock puppets owned by "God knows who" ???

WHO would step into such a fight ??  DID YOU ??  And WHY didn't you ??

- That's right... because it's not your business. You have NOTHING to lose as a consequence of me having a rant on my blog.

But there's "somebody" out there who my rants do affect, very much so. And that "somebody" is trying to defend himself in whatever way he can.

Keep pondering... You will see the light soon enough...

There is only ONE person in the world who has enough motivation to put up such a feisty defense, and that one person is...  Ricky Dearman.

I hope this helps you understand what's going on here.
Thank you   : )

+ + +

A final note to Dearman:

Your time here on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, is INDEED LIMITED Ricky Dearman !! The People have SEEN YOU !! There's no place for you to hide now, brother... It's time for you to crawl back into the the little hole where you came from.

- BronnyNZ

In service to humanity.

Image by BronnyNZ (2010).  "Havan fire"

* Havan is about clearing and cleansing.  That's exactly what's happening here.

Visualise it... Hear that fire crackling... Smell that smoke rising up...  Feel the heat of that flame... and our collective thought makes it so.  Quantum physics... "the observation problem".  ie: Your thought makes manifest your future.  Join with me and manifest all of these Trolls being flushed out of their hiding places and burned up (not literally, just figuratively) in the flames of this bonfire.  Thank you  <3

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