Monday, 25 January 2016

Hampstead Cover Up... UNCOVERED. Ritual child sexual abuse, London UK

Please go to this website for much, much more... The owner of this website is the children's mother...



The shocking internet video revelations of child sodomy and murder committed by seemingly respectable members of the community within schools, churches and private homes in the affluent Hampstead area of London created an internet storm after going ‘viral’ on YouTube in February 2015. Millions of people on both sides of the Atlantic viewed the graphically compelling testimonies of the brother and sister Gabriel and Alisa.
These two innocent child victims were abducted by agents of the State on 9-11-2014 to prevent them revealing more details of the secretive workings of state sponsored mind control programs.
Alisa and Gabriel have been held incommunicado from their mother and Russian family since January 2015. The children’s extensive family is becoming increasingly concerned for their welfare as all attempts to arrange contact with the children are met with delays, lies, and obfuscation.
Alisa and Gabriel’s testimonies have revealed a secret network of organisations including the Social Services (SS), CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service); the Metropolitan Police, the Judiciary, legal representatives, media (most notably the BBC), Barnet and Camden Local ‘authorities’ and an array of counter intelligence operatives connected to child trafficking, snuff movies, organ trafficking, Ritual Sexual Abuse (RSA), torture & money laundering, operating in schools, nurseries, churches, hospitals, universities, and military bases throughout the U.K. and the rest of the world.


The link to 54 videos, including the children's testimonies, police interview and podcasts by Ella & Abe:

The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny.
This story is horrifying. It is stomach churning. But it is also crucial that we know how we got to this place in our culture of such sexual nihilism.
After years of struggling to come to terms with, and find the reason for her children’s aggressive and dysfunctional behaviour, all became clear to their Mother, Ella Draper (Gareeva) when during a family holiday in Morocco in 2014 the then 8 and 9 year old brother and sister bravely revealed to their mother and her partner Abraham Christie that their biological father, Ricky Dearman and numerous other “cult” members had been sodomising them and other children and forcing them to partake in the ritual sacrifice of countless infants, torturing the victims and consuming their flesh and blood in bizarre satanic rituals.

This secret interactive alliance that developed between esoteric occult practices, i.e. Satanism and various intelligence agencies and the connection to The Hampstead Cover Up has been exposed.
Alisa and Gabriel eloquently recounted graphic details of these activities on numerous occasions to their mother, her partner and various different professionals, unaware that they were describing the mechanics of TOP SECRET State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control programs, which are now a part of the educational curriculum in many of the world's schools and pre-schools/nurseries.
The use of sadistic occult practices i.e. Satanic & Luciferian dark arts, as well as hypnotism and drugs to confuse and create NON-CREDIBLE disclosure are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases...
Please go to this website for the FULL STORY...


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