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Comment by: "I am ricky dearman, and I make dildos"

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Comment Of The Week
November 28, 2015  

by "I am ricky dearman, and I make dildos" [nom de plume]

@ Dicky-Q and his sock puppet brigade...

keep talking to yourself, dicky-Q. the fact is that you have been trolling this site and abusing the truth by promoting your fallacies. not to mention all of the hate you are spewing on your own blog about the people and topics presented on this blog.

case in point, the person who is making light of your dildo making, dildo hat wearing, drug abuse, child abuse, porno producing and the feeding of white powder drugs to your very own children... is not supporting abraham [a third party]. i am supporting the children, as i have stated on a regular basis without any reservation.

i have in fact has been critical of him so much, that YOU yourself, dicky queerman, have complimented me on not only my writing but also on the points that i have raised. you are just dishonest.

however, the problem there is that you only support the things that are critical of abratard, and distort the truths about yourself in an attempt to deflect attention away from your own behaviour.

here is a quote that you left on this blog yesterday under one of your other many attempted screen names ... it went just like this :
"My children are a pair of lying shits. I'm planning to eat them later in the week and shut the pair of annoying little bastards up for good."

don't worry, ricky dearman, the screen shots have already been forwarded. in addition to that insane comment, you serial posted over 1000 messages 3 days ago in a psychotic fit of anxiety. it is clear that you have "issues".

not even a corrupt judge will award you custody of your children as you have shown absolutely no concern for them at all. your presence on this blog is clearly only meant as a very destructive endeavour.

keep trying, dicky-Q. please remember not to get your handmade dildos stuck in the wrong hole again, it seems to make you irritable !!!


p.s. what were the results of your official psychological evaluation?

a day ago
by the commentator "I am ricky dearman, and I make dildos"

Following is my reply...

Thank you 'I am ricky deaman, and I make dildos' (nom de plume). Well said. I was online at UK 12:30am three days ago when Dearman was having a melt-down. I wondered very much myself at the time: What the hell is going on with him? I agree - Ricky is certainly a very unstable man, right now. I suggested to him that his ongoing use of adrenochrome (via drinking raw blood) seems to be upsetting him neurologically (it's one of the side-effects) - so much so that it's now starting to itself show publicly. What a sorry attempt at being a 'man' - leaving his issues for so long and becoming so disassociated that he can't even see how much much he has hurt his own little children - physically/sexually, emotionally, psychologically.

I told him we could see the screaming inner child in that very public display of cut-and-paste rat-a-tat-tat posting and abuse he was hurling at Abraham, myself and others... the cries of the inner child who wanted to be heard all those years ago, when he was raped anally by his own mother and father as well, in the name of the Satanic cult... and like his own children, there was no-one there to rescue him when he was a little boy. He WAS all alone.

What horrors. The legacy of generational child sexual abuse and Satanic sexual abuse perpetrated upon little babies of three and four years old. Horrific. How do I know? Because I was one too Ricky Dearman tampered with by my grandmother who engaged with Satanic rituals (sodomy), when I was aged two... Except that I chose to DEAL with my shit Ricky, and spent a decade on my knees bawling my eyes out with various therapists, and in front of my maker. And I won!! And I Am now in full possession of myself, and I know who I Am. And you can win too... IF you have the WILL to do so.

The alternative:  Self-loathing and walking around knowing you're one of the biggest soft-cocks on the planet, because you can't face yourself.  Solution: Face Your Self... and CHOOSE to heal. At the moment, you're a danger to all and sundry, being allowed to walk around in such a deep state of disassociation and self-denial. And you ARE denying Your Self Ricky, by not daring to open the door and SEE.

Indeed... all you say is true IARDAIMD.

- Bronny NZ

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