Thursday, 3 December 2015

A note to Ricky Dearman on Ella's blog...

"Day by day, you're becoming more and more aware that you've got your back to the wall, and you're standing ALONE. Nothing has changed Ricky. All you're doing is recreating the old scenarios of your own abuse, where you found out you were ALONE. This is a repeating cyclic pattern... and you need to LOOK at these patterns when you decide you want to be healed from all this pain and tragedy... and you CAN do it. You ARE a powerful man with a lot of WILL... but you're trapped inside that little boy's emotions - the one who had to take it alone while his own mother and father and aunts and uncles shoved a dildo up his arse until the blood started to trickle down his legs. Yes... a DEEP TRAGEDY !! And one that only YOU are able to revisit and heal from. You need to heal. You can't go around any longer in public with your heart torn wide open and gaping, from all the assaults that YOU bore as an innocent little child. It's up to YOU Ricky. Re-visit the assaults, and FIND Your Self, man... You're just screwing up a LOT of little children while you let yourself roam around the wastelands like a feral animal, ravaging at whatever you can find."

(sad indeed)

In comments on this article...!How-does-Mason-DC-Steve-Martin-know-cult-members/c9i2/564cf5940cf2780ba445623a


  1. Poor boy... still in denial...

    Ricky Dearman usually tries to have a go at me after I post this sort of thing... Here he goes tring to whip up the next duststorm. Little does RD seems to realise how impenetrable I am. Here's his latest comment with mine following...

    1. Bronnywatch7 December 2015 at 21:48
      Two updates for you, Bronski:

      1. These are screenshots that an HR regular sent to your employers, telling them about your disgraceful online trolling. S/he's of the opinion that you shouldn't be allowed to work with vulnerable, mentally ill people (and I agree): etc, etc...

      2. The other one is that Abe's blog has bitten the dust. Just like yours will one day, hehe :) etc, etc.
      Reply Delete

    2. BronnyNZ10 December 2015 at 16:54
      Hello Bronnywatch, If either Jaqui Former aka Charlotte Ward aka Charlotte Alton or Ricky Dearman aka Scarlett Scoop on Hoaxtead were any good at research at all, they would have seen I left my last Mental Health job in October 2013. But since none of you know the name of my previous employer and obviously, had no idea I had longsince left the job, all you're doing is puffing out your cheeks, crossing your fingers, and hoping a stray arrow might land somewhere near me. You're sweet out of luck Ricky Dearman. You're just pissing into the wind again. Good luck with that !!


    3. BronnyNZ10 December 2015 at 16:55
      As for Abe... I've already told you a number of times that I 'work for no man'. Abe is Sovereign. I don't stand in the way of his freewill choice. I have not been in contact with Ella and Abe recently. They may be re-designing their blog for all I know, and becoming more familiarised with how to use their Filtering buttons. No idea... Don't know, and don't care. I've not been on social media now for a week. I just come here to post any updates I come across. And no... no need for me to go and read the stupidity on Hoaxtead. 'Hoaxtead' is as 'Hoaxtead' does. It's nothing but a HOAX... Just another pack of duffers attempting to peddle their LIES. I've got better things to do than come and read your foolishness. Thanks.


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