Monday, 14 September 2015

Comedy Time with Charlotte Alton aka Jacqui Farmer on HR

Ya just can't resist making a blog post about the mound of bollox you notice, when the little distraction agents are trying to sell a wheelbarrow of SHIT to The People...

The question I ask is:  "WHY..."   Like:  "WHY does she even bother ???"  Can anyone actually be bothered to look at "Jacqui Farmer's" continuing speculations ??  It's a strange obsession, that's for sure !!

Here's Charlotte/ Jacqui  -  on HR

Is Bronny’s blog Ella and Abraham’s?

September 14, 2015 by Hampstead Research

Somebody who speaks to Ella and Abraham has just informed me that Bronny is “crazy” and that she has nothing to do with Ella and Abraham. I am waiting for confirmation of this (not the crazy bit, the E and A bit). If it is true that they do not endorse her then my anger at them was misplaced. I thought she was their new mounthpiece. I apologise for directing anyone to her blog.

The other day I was told that Hampstead had gone pretty dead on Twitter and that three previous supporters (not HR supporters, Hampstead children and Ella and Abraham supporters) had walked away from the case – because they were sick of Bronny’s aggression.

Today I am informed that Bronny spoiled it all for everybody on Facebook! This is what I was sent:

The Justice group, for example, has fallen apart following people… being under attack by Bronwyn Llewelyn. She has been removed, but people have become disheartened by her aggressive nature. We have not heard from A and E, but I am aware Bronwyn is doing a blog on their behalf. As people are aware it is Bronny doing the blog, there is not much interest in it.

And, Bronny was spreading nastiness about HR too, along with Sabine, Belinda, etc, just so you know. And because people were afraid to air their opinion on the subject, the fear of being attacked by Bronny stopped them doing so.

Wow – people being afraid to air an opinion! AFRAID?!!! This is the internet! All those lovely Facebook teams being beaten up by Bronny. As far as I imagined it, everybody was doing so well and enjoying discussing Hampstead and making Friends on Facebook! If this is true then this is not a very nice situation. I don’t have time to do Facebook, Twitter or YouTube so I can’t assess for myself what is happening, I just rely on reports from other people. But I did visit Bronny’s blog the other day and saw her criticising me. I thought that this was Ella and Abraham! That’s why I was angry and wrote that piece about them spoiling things…….but maybe it was not them, it was Bronny who was spoiling things!

So let’s see if we can get this sorted once and for all. If I can, I’ll clarify things later.

Sorted Jacqui-Charlotte Alton !!  Done.

>>  Just go to the source... and you'll find it SO AMAZING how you DON'T have to make up the amount of bullshit you were previously going to have to !!

For starters Jacqui-Charlotte, I hardly ever go to Twitter. Somebody else Admins on @SurvivorsAbuse which is the ONLY Hampstead Twitter account I associate with, so I have no idea what your "informant" was looking at there...  So get your research done BEFORE you start printing your bs!  Don't depend on clowns like David Divad to hand you on information second-hand who likely sent you this email, and who's been gunning for me since the middle of February. By the way...  All of that happened 6 weeks ago, so it's hardly "news" any longer Jacqui, even though you though you got yourself a tasty tid-bit.

You don't know what you're actually thinking do you?  

- not until somebody else tells you what to think....

Oh dear god, help us !!

Farking blind leading the blind...

Charlotte: "Is Bronny NZ working with Ella...  Or isn't she ??  Oh shit...  I can't make up my mind now who's 'good' or who's 'bad', because nobody is telling me what to think anymore...  aaaaaaaaahhhhh....  My head is about to pop !! "


Doh !!  It's called "Having two brain cells to rub together" Jacqui-Charlotte !!  or "independent thought" or "doing your research properly" or "going to Ella and Abe yourself to verify..."

Oh but of course, they locked you out long ago !!  Sorry luv... forgot about that...


I have already told Ella and Abe last week that I won't be putting as much time into the "Hampstead Cover-up" from now on.

So they already KNOW they'll have to find my "replacement" !!  


I'm pretty sure you'll find some bullshit story 
to concoct around that too...  Won't cha luv ??  

Go hard... !!  Do I give a shit?  Not really.

...  So please don't try to strain your 'pretty little brain' any further with trying to ferret out the inform-ation like some pseudo-sleuth inquisitor everyone can look to in the future.  That must rub your ego up the right way, real nice...

Simply put:  Hampstead-Actions is my "swansong".  If people want to jump on board and help out in practical terms, they've got LOTS of tools now to enable them to do that. They know where to find me on Facebook should they need a hand with anything. I've done my bit since mid-February...  It's time for me to move on from putting the time commitment in that I have, up to this point. There's MILLIONS of people out there now who can jump in and do their bit. The paradigm is shifting... from "Watchers" to "Doers". We ALL have the capacity to DO !!  : )

Here's a couple of Comments I left for Jacqui-Charlotte Alton on her blog, following...  I've no idea if they'll get published or not.  I'm not expecting so >>

Comment 1:  Hahahahaha !!!  Ref: people being afraid to air an opinion! AFRAID?!!!

Yeah… What DO you make of that Jacqui ???

What DOES that tell you about People ?? I’m gob-smacked myself and just want people to ‘grow a pair’. No wonder the UK is as fuct up as it is. Nobody has the BALLS to stand up for what’s right, and certainly nobody has enough BALLS to DO anything about it !! What a nation of fucking gutless wonders !!

NO WONDER MY Ancestors LEFT England in 1856... They were sick of the bollocks !!

... or as we see here...  the LACK of them !!

Comment 2:

You haven't got a clue Jacqui...  I am NOT THAT Powerful, right ??  :P

Those "lovely Facebook teams" as you put it were infiltrated right from the start.  That WANKER David Divad baited me for 48 hours solid before I could BLOCK him again, and what does California's Cynthia Marie - not from France at all - do ??  She makes that clown an Administrator on the Group.  Even Cynthia Marie didn't have the balls to just bust my ass out of there HERSELF, even though she's a yank !! Cynthia Marie had to employ that dirty devil and disinformation agent David Divad to get rid of me.  It was ONLY ever HIM I had in my sights, because I KNOW Who He Is !!!

I saw with my own eyes the Post on the Group saying "Cynthia Marie has just made David Divad an Administrator", and two minutes later, I was history. Perfectly fine by me.  That group can stay in The Illusion if they want to while David Divad asks everyone, "Do you think so?  ... How could that be true?" and so on, all through everybody's Hampstead posts.

Just watch him...  You'll see !!  He's "Mister: I'll put doubt in your mind in two minutes flat," disinformation agent.

So don't delude yourself that everything was wonderful on those Groups Jacqui...

Oh !!  But YOU'RE a disinformation agent too !!

Ooooops....  you nearly had me there Jacqui-Charlotte!!  I NEARLY forgot !!!  (not)  

And seriously, whatever I said about you Jacqui being "the queen of the long distracting detailed video" is absolutely true.  You can not deny it !!

Yup. That's the ONLY time i've ever referenced you.  You're really not that interesting...  unlike myself who you seem to mention fairly regularly by the looks of it...  You little Spook !!

Looks like a nice place. You said it was beautiful...  I bet it is too!





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  2. Truth 1 said: "In any research, you need evidence. Arendale never had any references or logic, either. Yet no one noticed! That does not speak well for the audience. I find that most people are just followers and not thinkers with their own minds, testing things. The shepherds among us are few and most leaders are wolves instead.The vast majority by far, are sheep and followers without capacity to question. Its like that, everywhere. If you want good reliable research, Hampstead Research would be a good place to stay away from."


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