Thursday, 23 April 2015

TRicky Deamon's ACTING outed by Ella and Abraham. Police report.

When people are telling lies:

1. They change their head position quickly.
2. Their breathing changes.
3. They repeat words or phrases.
4. They provide too much information.
5. They touch or cover their mouth.
6. It becomes difficult for them to speak.
7. They stare at you without blinking much.

Disclaimer by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie
Dated: April 23, 2015

This email has been sent to BBC. 

Please forward to Daily Mail and UK Column.

Dearman Lying on National T.V.

Dearman has clearly lied on National T.V. in his BBC interview on 20.04.2015

Dearman was interviewed at Barnet Police Station on September the 15th’ 2014 by D.C. Savage of the Child Abuse investigation team in the presence of Ms. Watts, his legal representative.

During the interview Dearman was asked to respond to allegations made by his 8 year old son regarding certain incidents at the East Finchley swimming pool.  Dearman was asked various questions pertaining to this matter.  His responses were recorded and the interview was concluded.

At no time was there any reference made to Dearman being the leader of a Satanic sex cult, paedophile ring.

During Dearman’s BBC interview he states, that the interviewing police officer told him that his children had alleged that he was the leader of a satanic sex cult, peadophile ring involving more than one hundred people; cult members allegedly include CAFCASS staff, and school teachers; that he was selling his children to people “in this cult thing”; that children named 60-70 people; that “we were killing babies, shipping them in”; that children were showing “with their body movements” how he held the knife before killing infants.. He goes on to recount a list of allegations from the children, using the emotive nature of the allegations to take the opportunity to cry. Dearman is an actor, allegedly.

None of these allegations have ever been mentioned in the interview on the 15th of September.

Dearman clearly lied blatantly on national T.V. ; discrediting any evidence he may previously have given.

Yours sincerely,

Ella Draper and Abraham Christie


1)  A protection order against Mr Dearman dated Oct 8, 2011 has been sighted by the author of this blog today. 

2) A 48 page police report of Mr Dearman's interview with Barnett police dated Sept 15, 2014 has been sighted by the author of this blog today.

The police report can be seen in "Files" on these Facebook Groups and linked on my Timeline:  

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