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SAVE the #WhistleBlowerKids from their father and #MindControl dangers

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SAVE the #WhistleBlowerKids from their father and #MindControl dangers

The children’s grandparents giving their side of the story... 
- For you to consider the children’s best interests, Mrs Justice Pauffley, after having called us evil and / foolish in her judgement! 
Of course, it was meant to pave the way for you to hand the children to their father who has a record of domestic violence and two non-molestation orders that you never addressed! 
Instead you focussed on the internet campaign as our ‘spiteful work’ to sway public opinion your way. Will you succeed though???

Already the children have been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually tortured, as they confess in these videos

The mother Ella Draper and her partner Abraham Christie recorded them after Abraham had seen them touching each other sexually. When asked “who taught you”, the answer was “Papa”. That was the beginning of the conversations between mother, Abraham and the children SEPARATELY to get the parents to believe what they heard.

I went through this 'gradual shock therapy' too, when Ella contacted me...

But now I know - The children are the messengers and their message is clear: 
We the ‘internet community of good people’ need to act on it, on whatever level of prior knowledge and understanding we come from.

A whistleblower from Australia pointed me to this survivor of 
not just abuse but mind control that leads to 'satanic soldiers'

Strangely enough, Ella had been to see the Tavistock Institute to help her children with their strange behaviour. A tweeter tells me that he believes that institute runs the cult! I have always been wondering: who teaches the biological father Ricky Dearman?

Already the children have been PUNISHED for having ‘talked’, by having been separated from their mother, grandparents, half brother, friends and extended family.
 - Since 11 September!

Alisa mentioned on video that their father was going to come and get them since he knew they had ‘talked’ in early September.
The children have been reported by the first foster parent to have had nightmares. But the mother never received all of the subsequent reports she is due.

Everybody KNOWS that the retraction videos were the result of coaching – six days after having been in ‘care’.  The expert witness statement confirms it.

The grandparents say clearly how they saw the effects of them being coached in ‘care’ 
– after over six months now – with the father having weekly contact plus a laptop for skype conversations that the mother never had…

After Jimmy Savile made ‘paedophilia’ topical, the Pauffley judgement has 
made ‘satanism’ topical, there are enough people still who deny its existence!

We therefore have to run a few operations in parallel: 
  • Educate Britain 
  • Tell London 
  • Hampstead Picknicks to meet Hampstead Buddies
  • Free the Kids!

We also have to target different levels of audiences: 
  • the abusers who are best exposed by Hampstead Research
  • the 'cover-uppers' - Barnet Council who hide behind Police and Courts and now the Mainstream Media (MSM)
  • the shills, trolls and hoaxers on the net.  

- by Sabine K. McNeill. 

Writing in exile from an undisclosed location, somewhere in Europe.  

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