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The video evidence of these children is constantly being taken off YouTube. If videos have been removed, please enter combinations of the following words and any other Key Words you can think of, into the YouTube Search box:

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Children Detail PEDOPHILE RING In School/Church

Published on Feb 9, 2015

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An 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister reported that their school (Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London) and church secretly hosted satanic rituals involving child sacrifice and pedophilia.

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Former FBI Chief Exposes Satanism and Pedophile Rings:

The originals of these videos were recorded in and around Tuesday 9 September 2014. The matters of these abuses were reported to local Hampstead police. Further investigations have not been entered into by the police after these things were reported. The children were taken into Child Welfare "care" soon afterwards. They are still in "care". Other efforts have been made by the children's mother and other whistleblowers supporting the mother to bring the children home and bring charges to the perpetrators of these crimes. No investigations have ever been started by the rightful authorities.

After hitting a brick wall to try and start proceedings through the normal avenues, the mother and support team were finally advised by a retired policeman to put these videos out into the public domain, which they have been doing on and around the 4th and 8th February 2015.

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The plight of these children and this family needs to come right out into the open.

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These children are NOW with Child "protection" services.  They need to be returned to their mother.

Please become AWARE and CREATE Awareness.

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Published on Feb 8, 2015

Whistleblower Who Raised Alarm On Satanic Baby-Killing Video Flees Country

NAMES:   For the record, in case it disappears:

Teaching staff

Christ Church school, Hampstead NW3 1JH UK who's who:

Katy Forsdyke Headteacher

Jennie Kirby PPA and SEN teaching (Senior leadership team, Arts Project)

Louise Parsons Y6 class teacher

Tom Burnett Y5 class teacher

Lewis Hollings Y4 class teacher (Senior leadership team)

Annie Calkin Y3 class teacher

David Polidano Y2 class teacher

Melody King Y1 class teacher

Anna Lawrence Reception class teacher

Sarah Shaw PPA cover and SEN teaching, Inclusion leader

Nick Pegden Music teacher

Robert Spadaccini PE coach

Katie Watson-Steward, Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Hulya Bettle

Nina Mardon

Zarina Shail

Kim Carn

Josue Fornoni

Anna Maguire

Taja Essor

Jonathan Gordge

Support staff

Janet Stokes Senior Administrative Officer

Ann Connock Administrative Officer, Clerk to the Governors

Aaron Morris Site Services Officer

Red Highlights are names I recall from the three videos.

video titled "09 Sep cutting heads off" = Mr Morris.

video titled "231 Papa kills babies" = Forsdyke and Hollings

2 more - Mardin and Shale named in the "lots and lots of sex" video:

Nina Mardon

Zarina Shail

09 Sep - School, women,

Police from Hampstead police station named:

Dave Williams

Simon Pincen ??

Alice Singleton

Child names their abusive father as:

Ricky Dearman, aged 44 (on 9 Sept 2014)

Also says Ricky Dearman's mother is into it and she lives in Sheffield.

In video "236 SS and Cafcass.MOV"

Child names people from services:

"Spike" and "Richie" from Social Service, who comes to the school.

Cafcass: child names as abusers

"Holly" and "Ella".

Not to forget:

Here is a link to a governors info sheet:

> > link to

It names "Reverend Paul" named as an abuser by the children as Reverend Paul Conrad.

Named in video "304"


Mr Fornoni

Mr Gordge

corresponds to Teaching Assistants

Josue Fornoni

Jonathan Gordge

All the teachers have "Devil Tattoos" or "Monster Tattoos" on their privates. Pictures drawn by the childen of these tattoos exist.

Named in Video "303 Killing"


"Clarke and Leon's fathers killed babies"

"Also Max and Mia and Ella 'from my class' their fathers killed babies"

Other schools:

Hampstead Parochial School  is involved.

Named in "302 Distinguishing"


Vanessa Fitzpatrick (Clarke's mum) - also called "Shepherd's Bush" due to being hairy.

Mr Hollings (teacher) has little red dots on his willy.

Mr Burnett has tattoos, and is shaved.

Corresponds to:

Tom Burnett Y5 class teacher

Miss Unwin has a tiny wart - Probably corresponds to:

Kate Unwin (Deputy Head Co-opted) from this Governor's info websheet:

Named in "33 Supply of"


Miss Mardon (Nina Mardon) does the injecting [of babies] to put them to sleep before they are decapitated.

Daniel Felix and Max work at the shoe shop at the O2 Centre Finchley Road tube station

They make shoes from baby skin.


Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in:

Who are the adults abusing the children in the video? Here are some more clues

Learn more:

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult

Ugly Truths About the Talmud

British VIP Paedophile Ring

Child Sex Trafficking, Pedophile Rings


  1. Yes. Such things are going on around the world David. This is the first time we've had child testimony that is happening right now, that the Media are paying NO attention to. We need to keep our attentions here with breaking this case open. When we do, the whole establishment and British Parliament, the City of London, the Monarchy, and the church will ALL Collapse. Are you with me?

  2. Get real ffs my ex wife is named here and although I have no time for her this is rubbish lol ! making shoes from babies skin lol ! u lot are fraggles

    1. That's interesting Keith. Thanks for your comment. You know the children had been involved for around 5 years on a regular basis? - And that Ella didn't know anything either, don't you? This can be happening right under your nose, and you wouldn't even know about it. Please remember... anyone who speaks a word about these activities, will die. This is a constant death threat in the cult. That's why people don't speak.


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